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But HE Started It!

OH!!!  It is SOO DH’s fault … He sent a de-funk Craig’s List item that promised a new storage rack/work station in my COE-90 designated work area.  HE emailed the no-good listing to me.  Now I WANT one!  Shelves for my frits,… Read More

Countdown …

Work in the studio continues, with the understanding that I will not come anywhere close to touching the projects I wanted to try/complete.  That’s ok … I’ll still make myself nutty for this up-coming show, but maybe not ‘top-shelf nutty’… (???)  Here’s… Read More

Cabin Fever?

We have so many great things going on right now, and yet: We have puppies (and they’re so stinkin’ cute)!    And a houseful of mood swings/raging hormones – thanks to twin teenagers … I’m finally growing skin/healing! Yay!!!  And, it’s tax… Read More

Frustration …

with surgeons and teenage girls had me excessively busy with my hands this week – as I tried to keep my mouth quiet!  Special thanks to my dad, who let me vent about the surgeon.  If you’re not going to listen to your… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d say Happy Turkey Day … but we had ham.  Was my youngest daughter a little bummed?  Maybe … But – since she didn’t move her lazy-butt off the couch all doggone day … I’m not impressed by her vote.  And, while… Read More

I feel like I’m in ‘Time-Out’ …

In trying to grant the twins (quietly supervised) alone time with their teen-age friends, giving them full access to the house and pool – I’m stuck in my office, feeling like I’m in a time-out (can’t be in the studio, and my pool… Read More

The calm before the storm …

So, the kids are officially on summer vacation.  They’ve ALREADY started talk about things we should do, buy and partake in to ensure they’re properly entertained this Summer … Oy Vay!  This started right after I asked them to remove the 80… Read More

“Date Night”

The twins have reached another milestone … at least in our school district.  Today marks the 8th grade field trip – to Cedar Point.  This is a pretty old tradition (DH and I both went when we were in 8th grade …… Read More

Internalizing – It’s what ER nurses do … ?!?

At least it’s what THIS one is doing … While I don’t hold a 4 year degree specific to psychology, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on … I’m currently experiencing a full-fledged acne break-out – like some 13 year old kid… Read More

When it rains …

What was initially pretty amusing to me is now causing all sorts of grief … DH’s jury duty!  A simple case that should have been resolved within one day (if not half a day) is now dragging out.  Forget my studio –… Read More