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Still tinkering and cleaning …

I’m playing with a few color combinations for component pieces to use in future pendants.  Some great colors, some … not so much.  We are using stringers that we’re pulling from our vitrigraph kiln.  I love that!   And, I’m putting … Continue reading

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Another vit pull … and stuff

We tried a pink/purple pull this week.  Good results, I think! I’ve been restocking spoon rests – along with some new designs – 8 prepped for the kiln.  Also catching up on night lights [no photo], along with a couple … Continue reading

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Patiently learning …

DH made the vit pot for me, so we can use square glass in it, instead of cutting circles for clay pots.  Much easier to prep and load, but the stainless steel pot has it’s own learning curve.  Add to … Continue reading

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