Fall Update …

claudiaOur bulldog puppies:  Patchouli, Bergamot, Lil Wayne and Claudia … awwww!  They are 3 weeks old and too stinkin’ cute!  They play and wrestle with each other and are realizing there is more going on outside of their (pool) box.


fall-harvestWe closed our garden down and pulled our last vegetables, herbs and flower harvest.  I have ordered my birthday present, so … nothing to do but wait for February to start seeds and eventual greenhouse gardening.


I’ve completed a couple of Christmas dot designs.  I like them …xmas-dot

And, not to be left out of hobby farming, my city-girl sister recently brought home 1 yr old miniature fainting goats …Now, I want goats!!!  Smile

Love and peace, y’all! Winking smile


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