Goodbye 2022 …

candied-pecansSo, I have a few photos to share (not as many as I should have recorded, but …).  As is our tradition, DH and I made Candied Pecans and (no photo) Chex Mix that we give to everyone we see on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day …

gift-card-holdersI also made gift card holders for cash and well … gift cards!  Smile 

Our boys both made it from out of state (TX and DC) to celebrate this year.  Our oldest hosted Christmas morning again.  So, DH and I, feeling the pressure of prepping presents and menus, as I continue adjusting to my day walker job*.  Well, we were running out of time.  This year’s theme was ‘tissue paper Christmas’.  We wrapped all the gifts in tissue paper, then put them all in a big box for each person, and we wrapped that single box in pretty wrapping paper.  It worked. 


We celebrated our Christmas in the afternoon, and were so over wrapping that we presented our gifts to each other in BOXES.  Here is our 2022 Christmas tree photo … DOH!

And, I realized we forgot to bring our granddog’s gift to our daughter’s house.  Sorry, Gambit – it’s waiting for you ….


I had a fair amount of time off work for Christmas and New Years, which was fortunate, as I [apparently] chose to ring in the new year with Abdominal Cellulitis round 3 (or is it 4???) … I slept a lot, in between fever/chill episodes, and unpleasant abdominal pains.  I’m feeling better and made some Winter/Christmas cards and sorted/organized the paper crafting portion of my studio.


DH gifted me with a water softener for the studio (it has a shower in the bathroom, which has not been used as a shower since we broke down the 1970’s trailer we lived in while building our house.  Yes – that was 20 years ago …). However, since I’ve set up an office in the studio for my work (HIPPA protected), I’m spending more time in the studio.  So, now I have softened water for the shower and the kitchen.  Yay! (No photos)

*I’m starting week 5 of orientation for my job.  I will be working with my preceptor tomorrow, attending house-call urgent visits with him for the first time.  The last four weeks have involved a lot of tech set up, zoom meetings, policy and procedure learning,  along with Urgentivist Extender (my role) computer learning,  As it was 99% remote learning (at home), it was a tad stressful, verifying that I was completing all the training required.  I was, and I’m feeling more confident, but also glad that I will finally be doing ‘the job’!

So, now for 2023.  I’m excited to see what the New Year brings.  I’m looking forward to my nursing role within my community.  I’m trying to appreciate this season of time (winter), while I look forward to spring with seed-starting and garden planning.  I’m ready to start our second year of indoor gardening with our hydroponic system.  And, I am so ready for the days to get longer …

As a mom to four adult children, I am so proud of our kids.  This year marks a giant step for them as they move forward with adult financial security!  We’ve added some wonderful new members to our family (significant others), and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them, getting to know them better.


Beautiful Animated Happy New Year 2023 GIF Images | SuperbWishes

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