Slump and a kick-start!

So, I’ve been quiet.  I usually don’t get that way for too long ….

I was in a creative slump.  Apparently, I was feeling stressed.  But now, with ENPC (Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course) and a large chunk of of nursing competencies completed … I feel better.  The fact that I can say ‘see you next time to another ENA “Inspectandpalpate” class’ – umm, BONUS!!!  [And, yeah – this Mom got to tell her freshman college twins she got another ‘A’ …]  So, with a whole day of ME-time before the next necessary 6am wake-up call … Obviously it is NOW I’m feeling inspired!

We’ll be at the Brighton Farmers Market Harvest Fest this Saturday (tomorrow!)!  But, in the meantime, I’m making cuff bracelets.  Here are my first two (silver and brass with copper and glass cabs) with 7 more in production (wrapped in copper).  [Thank you Tanya Metal Mania!] 


My new creations may not make it for the 9/24 deadline … But no worries!  We plan to be at Bogie Lake’s Arts & Greens this November!

Up next – spoon rests, sun catchers, night lights, necklaces, and a few more cuff bracelets.  Hope to get some bowls and platters going too!  So good to be back in the swing of the studio!!!

colorburst-spoon-rests  suncatchers-2nd-firingnightlights2-inch-pendant

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Are you kidding me???

It’s almost Nursing Competency time … I realize I’m early, but … Dang!!!

Somewhere along the line ‘SuperNurse’ (Is that me???) decided to wrap up a frustrating few days [ummm. twins going off to college – what could be easier?!?], combined with a bit of spousal-discord (must be the time of year), with my own hell-bent need to master CorelDraw TODAY…  So, you bet – NOW was the best time to finish off some pesky nursing competencies.

Sweet Baby Jesus – stab me in the eye … PLEASE!!!

What was I thinking?  No amount of wine could prepare me for this nursing HELL.  Jeez Louise, even [the online narrator] Jean-Luc-Piccard-wanna-be couldn’t quite manage to stifle the YAWNS throughout this annual-nursing HADES! [Umm, no it wasn’t Jean Luc … but it didn’t matter!]

Who is this type of learning made for?  Certainly not this stimulation-overloaded Florence Nightingale!  I might just hand it off to my next 3 year old patient …


Picture this … you probably need glasses (I know I do!), but … Nah!!!   Now, you’re studying this 2×2” screen that has 8 million dashes, dots and icons on it, something along the line of ‘air traffic controller’ …  Jean Luc has just asked you to do something … What?  Where?  But there is this friendly little help button … OH YEAH – I was just about to hit that hidden icon … Dude, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  You FAIL … try again!  Nope … I’m out of wine.  Your loss Jean-Luc!


So, yeah, tonight I do believe I am officially too old for this sh*t!

*** The good news???  I only have 11 more ‘units’ to go!  [Help me!!!]

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0-60mph in 2.9 seconds …

Not sure what I planned for this week – but I didn’t expect what I got! 

So it started well enough, with a COE 96 (100+ sheets) glass delivery filling up my (old) studio!


But then it got nutty!  I am sorry to say that Zen Artisan Boutique is out of business.  Yep … before the holiday weekend.  I don’t think DH and I have ever had a tougher week!  [… I’m talking Zero pool-time! …]

As a mostly silent partner in the shop, when I finally figured out what was going on – well … it was too late.  My original co-partner (Ashley) had the right idea when she left 3 months ago!  Doh!

This ‘thrill ride’ was such a tough call for us to make.  I’m trying to stay positive – but it hurt.  I’m so angry with myself.  I told DH that I may never ‘try new’ again … I don’t want to believe it!  Am I really so gullible?  Damn-it-all!!!

So thank you to my family (DH and the twins) for helping Mom out!  Love you guys!!!

Find the silver lining: It’s nice having all of my ‘stuff’ back home – where it belongs!


Upbeat note:  DH and I added a new coffee table to our ‘cabin’ …  and, our Fall shows start in T-3 weeks …


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Gearing up …

I spent the last 48 hours surfing the ‘net … learning techniques and gathering supplies.  Oh boy!  I am eyeing some new inks (copic markers and Tim Holtz crayons); prepping for our fall shows with more jewelry/displays; ordering (domino) art tile supplies and stamps; and getting ready to load up the kilns with night lights, bowls, spoon rests, ornaments and glass pendants …  Productive downtime!


stamps  2016-08-23-02.06.33


Time to get busy!

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I’m so ADULTing …

Crossing so many things of my dreaded to do list!  BAM!! 

  • Charge nurse on Monday (although I was droopy-eyed-tired and a tad irritable Monday morning – thank goodness for a great crew!!)  Thanks guys!
  • ACLS pre-testing done.  Next up: the re-cert class Friday MORNING (YUCK!!!);
  • A clean house and clean-ish studio; 
  • I’m up to date on nursing competencies for the next WHOLE 44 days.
  • Melon-fest this weekend along with a couple celebrations… 
  • And, I have a fridge full of food.  Nothing to do now but play in the pool, studio and enjoy family and friends (2 & 4-legged)!  Thank You Baby Jesus!!!

Plus, I’ve gathered up all of my ‘Love your partner’ photos (FB challenge):  30 years of DH and me … I have 7 ‘couple’ photos to show for it.  (There are probably a few wedding photos, but – I don’t know where that album is hiding …)


Now, I can sit back and decide which projects I want to work on in the studio.  Oh, and pick up my two crates of glass at Delphi … Happy Anniversary to me!

viktorI will leave with a handsome photo of Victor (renamed, as his look reminds me so much of Underworld’s Viktor) … he (Victor) doesn’t want any of the toys, he’s got his own stick!


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Down-time …

Got through the open house … It was a great gathering and I can’t thank my brother & sister-in-law enough, amazing food and indescribably helpful!  Gerard’s Catering – they’re awesome!

Unfortunately, DH and I stink at capturing photos … But here’s a great one of my 92 y/o Grandpa T with the twins … Awww!


Now that it’s over, I’m exhausted.  I’ve decided DH and I are definitely getting too old for whole house entertaining.  (The addition of preparing the yard/landscape, garage, tents and decorating … Gah!  Again, huge thanks to my in-laws!)  So, taking a day or two to crash.  ‘Course I work tonight (ER), so not much of a break.

I’m in between projects in the studio right now (code for kind-of in a slump).  Having finished up the load of night lights, I’m not sure which direction I want to head … ornaments, bowls, other jewelry projects, enamels, melts, something new … too many ideas and nothing ‘grabbing’ me … [OK, whine over – photo of night lights now:]


Next up … 12 hours of nursing fun.  Then I hope to have some pool-time.  That’s the problem – I’m going through pool withdrawals!

pool withdrawal

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Countdown, checklists, gardening …

So, the countdown for the twins’ open-house is in full swing.  Menu has been determined, multiple negotiations for set-up and décor have occurred, deep-cleaning is about to begin … Oh, how I love being Martha Stewart!  [Umm, NOT! –  but I’m proud of my kids, love my house and 100 closest family/friends that enjoy that kind of thing … so, it’s all good!]

go-cucumbersMeanwhile, our garden is producing!  Yay … it makes zucchini-2016this city-girl feel so good to ‘make’ vegetables.  We’re not going to discuss how I probably spent more in seeds and man-hours than my ‘harvest’ is worth … But, it’s 100% organic baby – so I’m sure that’s good for you … right?!?  Winking smile And, since much of that zucchini is destined to become (sugar-heavy) bread … I need to tell myself that!

We even managed to blanch/freeze 6 quarts of beans … Watch out Martha/Pioneer Woman/Caroline Ingalls … I’m catching up with you!


Oh yeah … the Studio:  I’m still on a night light ‘kick’ … Here’s our latest designs.


While I whine, subtly (?) and publicly … I also know I am one blessed, happy gal.  Our first-born turned 24 yesterday.  The kids recently got together, all grown-up style (sans parents – what’s up with that???) – to meet for dinner.  Awww!  Healthy generational foot-prints – they make me happy!  And, I’ve managed 3 sunshine pool days so far this week.  Life is good!

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