Road trip, new family and a few projects

Started the week bringing a new family member home.  Meet our boy, Greco, AKA Rrricco Suave.  He’s a big goofy puppy, and DH loves his dorky ears (or lack thereof …)!  His coat is so velvety soft!


Now that we’re settling into a routine, I’m making stuff in the studio.  A new batch of hot cabs are cooking, while night light blanks dry on the kiln top.  Eventually we’ll be etching some designs into the painted glass surface …



We’ve also entered a countdown for the twins’ open house.  Only 86 more things on the list, but … no pressure.  Winking smile  As long as I can get the occasional dip in the pool, I’m not stressing!❤ Michigan sunshine!!!

I’m also taking short bursts of photos for listings in our Etsy shop:


Next up – 24 hours of summer-time ER nursing fun!

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Listings, Sun Catchers and a Coffin-load

Slowly, but surely … I’m moving things along.  New penDot listings in our etsy shop


Very slowly working my way up to a slump load/bowls in the coffin-kiln.  Just a few more projects to go …


Played with some frit-bits, trying a different sun catcher – dragonfly style …


And, we made some ocean-themed night lights.  I love them!  They’ll be making there way up to the boutique this weekend , along with these …



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Hibernating in July

So, the house is back in order, thank goodness!  Which should mean I’ve accomplished tons in the studio.  Sadly, it’s not true.  I spent the first three days this week convincing myself I did NOT have ER-acquired meningitis.  Turns out, if one burns the candle at both ends for too long, [my] body goes into walking-dead-sleep mode.  {Headache, icky-feeling with an amazing ability to sleep hibernation-style/for insane periods of time.} 

In between all of that slumber, I managed to work out a few sun-catchers and pull together new penDot jewelry with display … I love the sea-turtle.  I have a bunch of ideas for ocean/sea-themed designs now …


Time to get busy!

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There be some Red-Neckedness up in here …

sanding-floorsYep, it’s that time of year … DH is doing some housing-upkeep projects!  Gotta love him for it, but Jeesh!  He’s power-washing decks WHILE refinishing the kitchen/den floors.  This means I have a grill and patio set in my driveway and kitchen furniture in my garage … Red-neck BBQ, anyone?


Since we can’t have any dogs in that main area of the house right now, the Yorks are spending some quality time with me in the studio … There’s Ragnar and Nora!


All of this means I’m not producing so much.  But did get this batch of custom badge reels/pendants pulled together and my sand dollar bowls moved along …

NP-badge-reels sand-dollar-take-2

Next up – a functioning kitchen WITH furniture – I hope!  (Baby steps!)  Have a great weekend, ya’ll! Winking smile

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Sunshine and Summer-Lovin’

Thank goodness for sunshine, pool-time and Summer!  I am officially over this past (nursing) weekend!  I’ve also played a bit in the studio:  Freeze-N-Fuse … It’s been 3+ years since I last fiddled with the technique.  Much better results this time around!  So, ya know … more ideas!


custom-badge-reelI’m also playing with my plotter, working up sun catchers and a custom (dichro) badge reel order.  Oh – and, I’ll be adding the FNF grapes … Cute!  Plus, I’m told Renaissance Festival is coming up … so, I’m working on a few fleur-de-lis penDot necklaces.

wine-suncatcher fleur-penDot-pendants

My latest sand dollars didn’t quite do what I want … The small one (left) needs more/different colors and the larger one (right) didn’t have enough ‘gap-age’  [totally a word!] … But, I have a dremel-press, so I can fix that – the hard way!  DOH!


Had a visitor in the studio this week.  My brother-in-laws 6 month old Bully came to visit.  Look at that mug … Adorable!


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Having a clean studio ROCKS!!!

I have three kilns running and more projects planned.  What a productive week …

I worked on some jewelry, wrapping up a custom cab order.  Here’s a double dichro dragonfly pendant moving along (in the kiln now for a fire-polish) and a couple of penDot rings!

double-dichro-dragonfly-pen penDot-rings

I have the coffin running with future spoon rests, sun-catchers, night lights, a tea-light holder or two … and FINALLY got my bird platter and coffee/wine coaster cooking!

coffin load 6-16-16

bird-platter coffee-wine-coaster

kiln-6-16-16I also  have Jenny running with a couple of future sand-dollar bowls and other sun-catchers.  Yay!!!


Plus, I managed a little load of Christmas in June – getting a head start on restocking ornaments.  I love how the red iridescent Santa hats play in the light:

Irid-santa-hats Ziggy-Santas snowman-ornament-load

And, finally – as the insomnia has returned … I was able to catch a glimpse of this trespasser meandering through the front yard early this morning (~630AM):


Next up, a few freeze-N-fuse projects , a couple of crackle ideas, a bit of screen-printing … Oh, yeah – and some POOL-TIME!!! Smile

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Clean Studio …

So, here’s the promised link …

Originally, I had this set to music.   Yes – Adele, as she talks to me and motivates me … but, FB blocked the video, as I was infringing on copyright laws … So, here it is with royalty-free instrumental music (thanks bensound!) … [Click on Gus for the studio tour video]


Now that the studio is clean, I can get back to making stuff … SWEET!!!

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