Worker Bee … that’s me!

This week, anyway … We did our first murrini slab.  Hmmm … next time I’ll make a round one for a kiln drop (imagine custom pendant-style light shades – for my studio!).


components-3-18rust-brown-componentsAnd, I’m still making component parts for future tiles/jewelry:

I have a few ‘themed’ tiles in the works … rusty brown, ocean marina and purple cow!  

marina-components  purple-cow-components

Along with a couple of cloud tiles waiting for kiln time:


I prepped two vit stacks earlier this week – again working on color-scheme ideas.

oceans-stack    beige-stack

And we pulled the beige stack … I like it! Smile


All while my coffin kiln is slumping night lights, tea dishes and spoon rests (- here is a quick look at 700 degrees and cooling) …


Next up – some quality kitchen time for a batch of potato soup!

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I Caused a Stir …

I didn’t mean to – I was just asking questions on a chat board –  talking out loud, working through the process … But stuff got weird (picture THE most opinionated gathering of ER and  ICU nurses – ‘sharing ideas’ … Oh YEAH – this glass group has got nothing on them!  DOH!)  Half way through the flying posts, I looked over at Chloe … This was her take on all the shenanigans!  (She is compact, rotund and WISE beyond her years MONTHS!)


So, giving up on any sage advice – I started playing with our murrini … My first slab.  It’s up next for the kiln!

first-murrine-slab2 first-murrine-slab

I stumbled on a quick crockpot recipe.  So, you have to like mushrooms … but, if you do?!?  Oh My Goodness … YUM!  (Recipe specifies within the comments ‘one ounce of ranch mix and UNSALTED butter’ … which I did.)  DH wants these served at every meal!  Smile  [*Not my photo]

ranch mushrooms

And, leaving with a quick pic of the Princess Cowbell … who remains unimpressed!  The ‘Lil Snot!!! Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!


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Still tinkering and cleaning …

I’m playing with a few color combinations for component pieces to use in future pendants.  Some great colors, some … not so much.  We are using stringers that we’re pulling from our vitrigraph kiln.  I love that!

more-components-3-17 new-components-3-17

And, I’m putting together a couple of tiles … just waiting on a few more jars of frit to arrive.  DOH!!!  (But that’s [mostly] our murrini in those future patties!)  Smile

new-tiles-3-17 red-tile-3-17

We tried the black & white vitrigraph pull again last night, this time using some recommended colors (french vanilla and midnight blue) … Better!


Since I have an order of frit jars to accommodate – I’m still cleaning/organizing the studio.  And, talking with DH about building an addition (to the man-cave and my studio)!  Uh Oh … Winking smile

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Another vit pull … and stuff

We tried a pink/purple pull this week.  Good results, I think!


I’ve been restocking spoon rests – along with some new designs – 8 prepped for the kiln.  Also catching up on night lights [no photo], along with a couple of Easter bunnies … They are adorable and I had fun making them!

3-17-spoonrests bunny-night-lights

I’ve been tinkering with rearranging/organizing and cleaning the studio.  I finally utilized my coe90 sheet storage.  As a predominantly coe96 girl, I didn’t realize I had that much … DOH!


Next up, making more patties/pendants to play with some of our murrini.  And, a few other project ideas …

Meanwhile, DH did it again … He decided to get Ceasar’s ears done.  Poor boy!  He is running into everything with that dumb satellite-antenna ring on his head!  He has mastered eating while wearing it, though!


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Cleaning and …

CHOPPING!!!  Yay!  DH delivered my chopper to the studio today.  So, I had to interrupt my cleaning spree to start cutting up murrini.  OMGosh!  So easy and so awesome!!!  Thanks Babe!


tazWhile we were setting it up, little Miss Cowbell nabbed our sponge, and like the Tasmanian Devil that she is, had it well on its way to total destruction in less than 60 seconds … Grrr.


It’s all good. [Chloe is fine!]  DH prepped a few more while I cut up our next two pulls!  And, now I need to start assembling a murrini project!  [Happy!!!]


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Still Learning …


We had another vitrigraph pull this week … We’ve got a nice variety of cane going – while we continue to learn what to do and what not to do!  Now, if SOMEONE would just finish making my cane-chopper!


sesame-seedsI played with a few recipes, too.  We made tahini – which gives our 25+ year old food processor a big work out!  [Wedding gift!]  We used the tahini for our first batch of hummus.  Yum!  THEN, this city girl cooked beets for the first time.  Wow!  I screamed a bit when I pulled the pan out of the oven and unwrapped them from their aluminum foil cocoons  – as the splatter/spray of red hit … creating a ‘crime scene’ look to my stove top and walls! Winking smile  But, I love the beet hummus we made!  Next up, I’ll be cooking eggplant to try my hand at Baba Ganoush!!! (Oh, yeah – DH is nervous!)  To keep the less-adventurous members of my family happy, I made a pot of Sausage Bean soup

beets-chickpeas  sausage-bean-soup

Coming up:  I’m slowly gearing up to try a kiln-combing.  So, I bought ‘full arm’ leather/welding gloves.  Combined with my leather apron and DH’s face shield – I should be (kiln) safe and quite sexy!  [Don’t look for modeling photos any time soon!]


WWU:  My elbow is still on the mend – she lets me know when I’ve pushed too hard, or I’ve reached the end of a 12 hour ER shift … My coworkers are taking it easy on me, letting me spend time in triage.  So, I’ll leave with this advice:  If you feel compelled to ask your triage nurse three (or more) times ‘if you should just go home’ [without being seen], maybe you should listen to your inner voice … [#whyareyouhere, #shortestERvisitever]

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Studio update 2/24

We had our fourth vit pull last week.  I’m gaining some skills with ‘the stack’ and manipulating the temperatures … I’m hoping to try for some black/white/gray murrine next, maybe later today.


We are building a decent collection of cane ‘flower bouquets’ … More than I will ever need for my original interest/intent; probably enough for some small murrini bowls and definitely enough that I may need to consider alternative storage options … Winking smile


Meanwhile, I’ve assembled all of our recent cabs into pendants, and I’m slowly getting more photographed.  [I’ve added 72 new pendants to my ever-growing collection … Wow!]

20170223_175058 20170223_175616 20170223_1808461

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