Good Times – because I have a sailboat and a fat pad …

anterior-fat-padOn x-ray, that is … Which means I have a fractured arm …Yep, good times!

Full of grace and good manners, we went to a retired-fuser’s home this week to see what she was selling. After the decision was made to purchase her kiln, grinder, and various glass/accessories, I decided to trip and fall, busting one arm and seriously spraining the opposite hand.


brised-broken-armSo, lucky me … I have some unexpected free time … and no usable hands to cut/fuse glass at the moment! Grrr!!!

Finding the positive: We do have lots of adorable pups to play with. And, I’m told purple/blue/red is my color …

tawny-male tawny-female

With some help from DH, I was able to make my first-ever ‘Turkey Carcass’ soup – which was a blend of 5-6 different recipes.  It includes some of my favorite soup veggies, along with left-over mashed potatoes, gravy, a bit of yogurt – and we cooked with leeks for the first time … Good Stuff!


Lastly, a special ‘shout out’ to Chelsea from Kansas … as our 600th Etsy sale, we’re sending out a snowman ornament along with her order.  Thank You, Chelsea!

CHS thank you

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Thank You!

Thanks to Bogie Lake Greenhouse, HVCA, our shoppers and my family for a great show this weekend!  We had a wonderful turnout, and true to ‘Arts N Greens’ tradition – some crazy Michigan weather just for the occasion!

Our 2016 Clayton Hill Studio display:


Now, I will crash hard(!), get my house and studio back in order while we tend to our crew … Puppy photos coming soon! Smile

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T-32 hours …

And, it looks like most of this one is on me … ‘SssAllGoooood!  Wow.  I’m not whining – or stressing, but could we have just 2 or 3 more plates to keep spinning in the air right now? 

Combine college twins [who one might hope could be self-sufficient … SILLY GIRL!], with an overloaded DH, two canine Moms (one is being a super picky eater – Brat Vivi!  But – she loves my chicken, so … she’s getting my chicken), and a 3 day art show on top of our typical activities/tasks … [Um, like DH wanting stir fry tonight … sure, Honey – I got that!]

As I have long felt that sleep is over-rated, I am producing in the studio.  Here’s what is coming to our booth this weekend:  [Fingers crossed!]


irid-nature-art pendants-for-show dragonfly-lovenightlights-ready-for-show peacock-platter-2016more-peacock-feathers  ring-dishes 

more-spoon-rests   another-batch-of-dichroic-n

Just one more slump-run to get together.  And, pack everything up.  And – load it in the trailer.  And … set up an amazing, inviting, artistic display … NO PROBLEM!

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Exploding FISH – and other news …

I can’t believe my over-stuffed kiln did what she did.  She did NOT play nice … exactly … But, she didn’t die either.  And – look what she created on the bottom layer of her unhappy self!


I couldn’t produce that – in this manner – IF I TRIED!  So, ok … Jenny wins (my production kiln)! 

In other frustrating news – I spent HOURS searching around my cluttered, chaotic, craft-show-crazy studio looking for a night light shade I KNOW I HAVE.  [Um, still haven’t found it – but I did get side tracked learning some pearls about enamels and made a new friend from CZ!  So, I win …) I ended up loading a new one in tonight’s coffin-load. 


Meanwhile, I have a couple of new pieces in Jenny – we shall see how she behaves.  Spent my DH-less/date-night-Friday as follows:  Moving along my pendants; enticing a finicky Yorkie-mom with “Cesar” can food (3 of them); ordering a couple of birthday books from Amazon (Thanks Sis!); and ending with TWD/a couple of cocktails!  Next up – a few hours of ER nursing fun(!) – in T-12 hours …


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So much going on …

I knew this would be a crazy couple of weeks – what with turning 29 again!  [… Oh, yeah – and the presidential election …]  Since I can only control what happens in MY REALM, I can safely report we’ve been busy; Life and glass go on …

I continue my battle with time, power surges (hot-flashes), juggling tasks and safe annealing schedules.  I’m hoping to get 4 coffin loads finished before our show.  We’ll see.  Glass this week:

dragonfly-meets-metal lilac-heart-bowlgrape-vine-platter fun-dichro-future-pendants

And, we have puppies!  Both Yorkie and Neapolitan Mastiff …  Oh yeah – we’re totally gonna have some puppy-breath here!  Smile

yorkie-pups-2016 tawny-Neo-pups

I’m still batch cooking – to keep all well-fed.  Today it was Bean & Ham soup.  You need to know my son will tell everyone he doesn’t like (non-green) beans.  ‘At ALL!’ … Um, unless his Momma hides them in soup made entirely from broken down beans!  Yep – it was that good!  (Made from ham stock, spices, chopped ham, carrots, spinach and onions, along with well simmered navy, butter, cannellini and pinto beans – cuz that’s what DH brought home … I know, right!?!)  Anyway, I WIN!


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I’m running out of time!

Arrgghh!  But – what else is new???  … It’s ok … 

See how well the [almost older, and OBVIOSLY wiser] me can handle frustration like that?  Yeah, well … I’m working on it.  Here’s what we have up next: Christmas plate for 2016


More POF in the works … Thank you, Lena!  My spoon rests and night lights waiting for kiln time …


Impromptu decision to play with Glass-Glo.  (Wet, dry – and waiting for kiln time … and fiddled with it to add alcohol ‘spots’ … DOH!)

glass-glo waiting-for-fusing

And – my birthday present (hopefully) … an island – which matches a few of my other studio pieces … Thanks DH! [Oh, I’ll find someplace to squeeze it in up here, don’t you worry!]  Smile


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3 kilns running all week long …

I continue to wrap up projects/start new ideas as we get closer to the show – while I can.  I have a finite amount of free time before we roll into pup watch … THIS weekend!  [Puppy breath for my birthday!!!]

coffin-12-3-16copper-necklaces  star-wars-ornaments

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