Gearing up …

I spent the last 48 hours surfing the ‘net … learning techniques and gathering supplies.  Oh boy!  I am eyeing some new inks (copic markers and Tim Holtz crayons); prepping for our fall shows with more jewelry/displays; ordering (domino) art tile supplies and stamps; and getting ready to load up the kilns with night lights, bowls, spoon rests, ornaments and glass pendants …  Productive downtime!


stamps  2016-08-23-02.06.33


Time to get busy!

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I’m so ADULTing …

Crossing so many things of my dreaded to do list!  BAM!! 

  • Charge nurse on Monday (although I was droopy-eyed-tired and a tad irritable Monday morning – thank goodness for a great crew!!)  Thanks guys!
  • ACLS pre-testing done.  Next up: the re-cert class Friday MORNING (YUCK!!!);
  • A clean house and clean-ish studio; 
  • I’m up to date on nursing competencies for the next WHOLE 44 days.
  • Melon-fest this weekend along with a couple celebrations… 
  • And, I have a fridge full of food.  Nothing to do now but play in the pool, studio and enjoy family and friends (2 & 4-legged)!  Thank You Baby Jesus!!!

Plus, I’ve gathered up all of my ‘Love your partner’ photos (FB challenge):  30 years of DH and me … I have 7 ‘couple’ photos to show for it.  (There are probably a few wedding photos, but – I don’t know where that album is hiding …)


Now, I can sit back and decide which projects I want to work on in the studio.  Oh, and pick up my two crates of glass at Delphi … Happy Anniversary to me!

viktorI will leave with a handsome photo of Victor (renamed, as his look reminds me so much of Underworld’s Viktor) … he (Victor) doesn’t want any of the toys, he’s got his own stick!


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Down-time …

Got through the open house … It was a great gathering and I can’t thank my brother & sister-in-law enough, amazing food and indescribably helpful!  Gerard’s Catering – they’re awesome!

Unfortunately, DH and I stink at capturing photos … But here’s a great one of my 92 y/o Grandpa T with the twins … Awww!


Now that it’s over, I’m exhausted.  I’ve decided DH and I are definitely getting too old for whole house entertaining.  (The addition of preparing the yard/landscape, garage, tents and decorating … Gah!  Again, huge thanks to my in-laws!)  So, taking a day or two to crash.  ‘Course I work tonight (ER), so not much of a break.

I’m in between projects in the studio right now (code for kind-of in a slump).  Having finished up the load of night lights, I’m not sure which direction I want to head … ornaments, bowls, other jewelry projects, enamels, melts, something new … too many ideas and nothing ‘grabbing’ me … [OK, whine over – photo of night lights now:]


Next up … 12 hours of nursing fun.  Then I hope to have some pool-time.  That’s the problem – I’m going through pool withdrawals!

pool withdrawal

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Countdown, checklists, gardening …

So, the countdown for the twins’ open-house is in full swing.  Menu has been determined, multiple negotiations for set-up and décor have occurred, deep-cleaning is about to begin … Oh, how I love being Martha Stewart!  [Umm, NOT! –  but I’m proud of my kids, love my house and 100 closest family/friends that enjoy that kind of thing … so, it’s all good!]

go-cucumbersMeanwhile, our garden is producing!  Yay … it makes zucchini-2016this city-girl feel so good to ‘make’ vegetables.  We’re not going to discuss how I probably spent more in seeds and man-hours than my ‘harvest’ is worth … But, it’s 100% organic baby – so I’m sure that’s good for you … right?!?  Winking smile And, since much of that zucchini is destined to become (sugar-heavy) bread … I need to tell myself that!

We even managed to blanch/freeze 6 quarts of beans … Watch out Martha/Pioneer Woman/Caroline Ingalls … I’m catching up with you!


Oh yeah … the Studio:  I’m still on a night light ‘kick’ … Here’s our latest designs.


While I whine, subtly (?) and publicly … I also know I am one blessed, happy gal.  Our first-born turned 24 yesterday.  The kids recently got together, all grown-up style (sans parents – what’s up with that???) – to meet for dinner.  Awww!  Healthy generational foot-prints – they make me happy!  And, I’ve managed 3 sunshine pool days so far this week.  Life is good!

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Night lights and penDots …

Sums up my studio week.  Throw in some pool time, pooch time, a couple of meals and a whole lot of sleep … yep, that’s what I did!  (Alright, I also picked about 4 pounds of beans from the garden, along with zucchini and cucumbers.  Those beans have me totally rethinking the raised-bed-garden idea!)

Finished off a few of my latest night lights … So pretty when they’re plugged in (back lit)!


nite-lites-in-progressAnd, I worked on a few (dozen) more … I have it down to a well-tuned process, and have a few more ideas in the works.  Just waiting for a couple of items to arrive … Doh!  So far, I’ve made them all with my most comfortable glass enamel.  I need to bust out some of the others and really play with color (Colorline, Reusche, Ferro Sunshine), or at least do some trials, gain some confidence with those brands …

nite-lite-shades more-night-light-designs

I’m also getting pretty reliable sizing results with my penDot cabs. 12-30 mm – I’ve got the glass ‘math’ down! (Disclaimer:  for my kiln/process.)  Time to get some items into the shops!


But first … another ER nursing weekend tour.  Not talking about intoxicated patients at all … we had enough of that silliness last time!  Time to get some (more) sleep!

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Road trip, new family and a few projects

Started the week bringing a new family member home.  Meet our boy, Greco, AKA Rrricco Suave.  He’s a big goofy puppy, and DH loves his dorky ears (or lack thereof …)!  His coat is so velvety soft!


Now that we’re settling into a routine, I’m making stuff in the studio.  A new batch of hot cabs are cooking, while night light blanks dry on the kiln top.  Eventually we’ll be etching some designs into the painted glass surface …



We’ve also entered a countdown for the twins’ open house.  Only 86 more things on the list, but … no pressure.  Winking smile  As long as I can get the occasional dip in the pool, I’m not stressing!❤ Michigan sunshine!!!

I’m also taking short bursts of photos for listings in our Etsy shop:


Next up – 24 hours of summer-time ER nursing fun!

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Listings, Sun Catchers and a Coffin-load

Slowly, but surely … I’m moving things along.  New penDot listings in our etsy shop


Very slowly working my way up to a slump load/bowls in the coffin-kiln.  Just a few more projects to go …


Played with some frit-bits, trying a different sun catcher – dragonfly style …


And, we made some ocean-themed night lights.  I love them!  They’ll be making there way up to the boutique this weekend , along with these …



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