Pulls, Puddles and Pool Time!

DH and I continue to play with the vitrigraph kiln, making murrini cane and stuff.  We had a repeat pull tonight, and I learned the value of the bubble-squeeze (along with a more controlled ramp up)!


bakers-half-rackWe’ve had some 20+ pulls, and we are learning with each one!  But – that’s a lot of vit ‘remains’ … I’ll be cleaning those up to play with puddle pieces.  I’m also running out of storage space, so I ordered a rolling bakers rack (half rack, actually).  I’m hoping to start in on some coe96 murrini cane soon!


chef-spoon-restI’m working on a new spoon rest design.  How cute is that?  I’m going to make a matching night light and ‘tea bowl’ …

Leaving with a photo of the Cowbell – who is learning to love the pool.  We’ve mastered the raft and we’re making baby steps with dog-paddling.  Who knew the rolly-polly-gal could swim?!?  Winking smile


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Momma got her Flock together …

Yep!  We got all four of our kids together (along with my sister, brother-in-law and niece, my dad and stepmom,  my grandpa and my mother-in-law) for a family dinner.  I’m a happy girl!  The twins turn 20 in just a few days, our oldest will be 25 in a few weeks, followed by our oldest son turning 23 in just a few short months.  Add to it, our youngest son will be leaving for boot camp all-to-soon … Definitely time for a family celebration and hugs from my babies!  No group-shot family photo to share – but here are the birthday babes:twins20


And then I played in my studio.  I am revisiting penDots, so I made this batch of cabochons – thus HAD TO order a few new hot glass color combinations …  DH and I had a vitrigraph pull this week, as we continue to play with color building and layering, stacks and pull results.  This pull wasn’t what I had expected, but it was learning.  So, ya know – a good experience.


Somewhere along the line, Miss Cowbell has discovered duckweed (from our pond).  Why she loves it?  I have no idea … But here she is sporting her green goatee!  Silly Chloe!!!


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Pool Time, Dinner and the Cowbell …

Dinner with the (high school) girls, along with a bit of pool time this week, and – Oh, life is good!  [Thanks ladies!!!]

ocean-pullMy kilns are cooking (photos to come), and I’ve got my next vit stack ready.  Shooting for an ocean/water scheme, and I’m hopeful we can have our pull before heading back to work this weekend.  We’ll see …

Meanwhile, Chloe is working on getting over her fear of the big pool.  It appears all we needed to do was add steps (- which I love!)!  Here she is, testing it out … my Chloe Cowbell!!!


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Cane, cane and more cane

We had a fun vitrigraph cane pull last week.  I finally got around to chopping, photographing and listing

melon-fruit-pull  Untitled-1

Then I played around with a couple of mixed bag options … I like it!  I’ll be listing a few in our shop, so keep an eye out!


our-cane-7-17Our coe90 cane selection is growing, and I love it.  I have a few more color ideas I want to play with … But – tonight we’re doing our first coe96 pull.  Yay!!!  And, playing with frit in the pot.  It’s heating up now, so we’ll see!  [Fingers crossed!]


I’ve been slumping some projects along, too.  Our poppy plates turned out neat.  And, I love this ring dish …


Speaking of weekends killing me – thought I was gonna implode this last weekend.  Coworkers … Good golly!  ‘Nough said!!! 

Moving on … As promised – a couple photos of adorable, squishy faced love!

blue girltawny boy

Happy 4th of July, Ya’ll!!!


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Cruisin’ Through Summer …

I’m still playing with my reverse enameling and stamps.  A few more to finish and I will have a major coffin load of spoon rests & dishes.  Tonight’s progress:

more-reverse-enameling-stuf   multiple-component-poppy-pl

beige-brown-stackI was painting while heating up our vit kiln for this brown/tan pull.  Oops!  Having said that … SOMEONE (DH) was right there with the kiln and never bothered to look at the temps [Grrr!]!!  So, she ramped up to 1700 degrees.  We have always used some cut glass pieces (i.e. two 2×4 inch pieces side by side) in our stacks.  I believe this crazy-high temp, combined with the few cut pieces, created an air bubble early on that prevented any concentric rings throughout the entire pull.  Hmmm … interesting! Sad smile  I’m a little bummed, but learning is learning!


Moving on … We had success in the kitchen.  It’s called ‘Million Dollar Spaghetti’ – certainly not low-cal, but definitely yummy.  Our photo is before baking, and before the mound of cheeses (cheddar, muenster and parmesan) were added to the top during the last 15 minutes of oven-time.  We tweaked the recipe with more cheese varieties, summer squash, fresh tomatoes, and a few spices.  (I would add spinach/kale, ground sausage and mushrooms next time, too.)  Of course, we ‘rounded’ the meal out with Pioneer Woman’s “The Bread” … I had to!!!

million-dollar-spaghetti   Pioneer Woman The Bread

Found a traveler at the (far, far away from the house) end of our driveway recently.  I had just been talking with a (hunter) co-worker about turtle soup … I’ve never had it, but I’m curious about it.  Anyway – DH took one look at those claws and said “Ummm … NO!!!”


Leaving with the ‘Queen of the Rock’, as she wasn’t going to let Victor have all that glory … Miss Cowbell!  Winking smile


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Summer Lovin’ …

DH surprised me tonight by suggesting a vit pull.  Aww … Thanks, babe!  So – we did.  It’s Bullseye aqua, teal, steel blue, emerald green, powder blue, warm white and clear.  I’m happy with the results!


cat-dog-enamel-spoon-restsAnd then, I stole a few hours for enamel projects … I love the cat & dog spoon rests.  We’ll see what the kiln makes out of the ring dishes (especially the Día de Muertos Mr. & Mrs. on the far right) … I also cut up one of my crackle poppy components, added a strip of coordinating tapestry glass, and stamped a poppy image for reverse enameling … Oh my!  So many areas to go wrong.  [Fingers crossed!]  Time to get a kiln or two going!

more-stamped-ring-dishes    poppy-plate

Leaving with a quick photo of our Victor, who took a minute to pose as he soaked up some rays while eyeing his domain … Handsome Boy!  Cute puppy pics to come, and I’m hoping for a bit of pool time soon!


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Happy Father’s Day

lemon-soapSo, my dad and grandpa got Amazon-love … Umm, without cards!  What’s up with that???  Where are the ‘gift notes’ Amazon?!? [Horrible daughter/grand-daughter hangs head in shame …]

DH bought himself a gift (a pneumatic tire changer-thingy), along with my father’s day gift (an XT glass tile saw – thanks, Babe!), and his own (surprise) Amazon gifts … along with this:  [Alas, also no card … I’m awful!!!]

Yep … it’s four bottles of hand soap.  Ummm … home-made hand soap!!!  It’s soft for the skin … And, DH LOVES it!!! Here’s the pinterest link for anyone that wants to give it a try …

And, just because I know he needed it … I ordered this shirt for him.  Awww … Winking smile  It’s at viralstyle.com, if you know someone that needs one too!

perfect wife living the dream

Off to work I go for 24 hours of ER nursing fun!  Have a happy Father’s day, y’all!!!

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