Finally producing …

I’m a busy little bee today, finally getting projects moved along while starting a few more!

Here are my ‘tie-dye paws’ – which will be 4-5 inch dishes once done.  Love them!!!


And some of my sandblasted ornament/sun catchers.  (The wine has those freeze-n-fuse grapes from a few months ago; as the daughter of a die-hard Star Wars fan, I’m always on the look out for ideas, and New York – well, just because …)


My October batch of night lights, which are currently slumping …


I’m moving on to some spoon rests (16 in the works), so continuing on with the tie-dye and wine theme; and a crazy safari idea.  As we’re prepping for our show, I ordered a few new display items, and promptly filled them up with my penDots …❤


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Bogie Lake Arts & Greens 2016

It’s official – Clayton Hill Studio will be at the show on November 18, 19 & 20th.  Come join us for some Holiday shopping!  All are WELCOME!


Now to get busy!  

PS – tried to embed a countdown clock … After spending an hour with no success … I give up!  Grr!!

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Photographing …

Pictures of a few of our bracelets:

artisan-glass-brass-cuff-brcopper-brass-glass-cuff-bra      big-cuff

Now – off to bed before more ER nursing fun!

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Not sure if I’m coming or going …

Jeez Louise, my sleep schedule is a mess right now!  Seems I’m embracing this menopausal-nuttiness.  In between 10 hour slumbers, combined with a few blocks of no energy, I’m waking up after 3-5 hours, somewhere around  4am – wide awake and ready to DO STUFF.  I tried to self-correct by pushing through an 18 hour day, only to crash at 8pm, wake up at 3 am, Do Stuff … and now I have to nap, so that I can work 12 hour night shifts … DOH!  Circadian-rhythm-what?!?

Moving on … I’m in a cab craze.   The mica cabs didn’t work out, and in retrospect, at the high temps I take the cabs through … they wouldn’t. [Duh!]  But, the enamel with crushed glass, hot glass and frit … There’s definitely some playing to do there!  So – here are the photos: Cabs from my last post, close-ups; Cabs pre-fire and post, back in the kiln for another round right now; Today’s cabs waiting for their turn in the kiln:





Meanwhile, I’m assisting DH with our 3 season (hot tub) room.  After years of putting up and taking down temporary walls, we are finally making it pretty, and official!  Our house has rocks and boulders all around, so we are incorporating some on the back side with a faux cobblestone finish.  I love it!  We’ll be doing something fancy to those unsightly 6×6 posts, as well as wrapping that huge beam and adding soffit to the overhang … Gorgeous! [No really, it will be! Smile]


3-season-room   great-color-layoutDH---slave-labor     hot-tub-wall-take-6

Next week, in between messing with my sleep schedule for some day-walker competencies, I’ll be working on some nightlights, spoon rests and tea bowls … I can’t wait!!!  But first – I have to try another bout of this sleeping thing again … wish me luck!

good luck

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Cabbage-Fest …

Cabbage-fest has officially begun!  We cut into our Dutch Flathead this week.  Made the (Emeril) side dish – which I didn’t love, along with a huge pot of Smoked Sausage & Cabbage Soup – modified for my allergies … Which I do love!  We have enough whole frozen leaves AND a batch of chopped cabbage for two more meals (the golumkis and another [modified] soup recipe)!  All from a $5 head of produce.  Thank you Farmer’s Market!

cabbage-side  modified-soupsoup-started  whole-leaves-and-chopped

DH (my paint expert) and I continue to play with more durable finishes for my cuff bracelets.  I’m just not thrilled with the wear my test piece shows after a few days.  I will admit, I’m not so gentle on my jewelry, but I still expect nothing-getting-throughit to shine longer than our first sealer … [2nd sealer – wax – was an immediate no-go!]  So, here are a couple of photos from ‘take 3’ – with better lighting.  I’m waiting for another product, or two to arrive (plans D & E), but … If all else fails, I have DH talked into sealing them with automotive clear!  [DOH! “Nothing’s gonna get through that sucker!”]

patina-cuffs   holly-cuff

I finally have a kiln load running.  Just a quick tray of penDots and cabs.  But I’m experimenting with a bit of Mica and enamels … We’ll see.  And, I’ve hooked up my replacement desktop plotter (my old Sizzix died, and I like their software –  very easy to customize images) … So pretty, and ready for another No Days cutting session!  All while I patiently wait for some overseas mail to arrive … I love morning glories!

snapz&cabs new-desktop-cutter morning-glories

I’ll leave with an early ‘Happy Birthday wish’ … our oldest son turns 22 this week!  Birthday Hugs to you, my boy!


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Studio fun …

We had a great time at Harvest Fest on Saturday.  Beautiful weather, great people and … while I have no pictures of me, I was smiling!  Here was our set-up this year:



DutchflatheadI stumbled on a new (to me) kind of cabbage at one of the vendors … Flat Dutch Cabbage … It’s supposed to be a bit sweeter, and it’s HUGE (~10 pounds!)!  So, I’ve been searching out recipes. At this point, I plan to make two soups, golumkis  and a cabbage side dish (which is apparently Emeril’s favorite) … And, I think I’ll still have some cabbage left over.  [Not my photo, but you get the idea …]

Got through the (ER nursing) weekend fairly painlessly.  So I’ve earned a bit of playtime in the studio.  Here is another completed metal mania cuff bracelet.  It’s copper over brass with a bezel-set fused glass cab.  I call this one ‘bubbles’.  I realize, yet again, it is extremely helpful having a bubbles-brass-braceletprofessional painter in the house.  We’ve tried both matte and gloss sealer.  I’m wearing my first bracelet to see how they hold up under use.  I’m not sure I’m loving the enamel sealer, so I’m trialing metal wax on a few others …  And, now I’m thinking of other types of bezel settings … Studio funk/slump is officially over!  Smile

And tonight I played with alcohol inks and metal patinas on the the cuffs.  Crummy lighting in the photo, as they are more vibrant than pictured, but … I like them!  The one on top is aluminum, while the rest are brass.  I want to make some new cabs – both for the cuffs and as penDots!patina-cuff-bracelets---CHS

But first, I have to wrap up the final online competencies and attend yet another work-class.  Yay!  Time to get busy …


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Slump and a kick-start!

So, I’ve been quiet.  I usually don’t get that way for too long ….

I was in a creative slump.  Apparently, I was feeling stressed.  But now, with ENPC (Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course) and a large chunk of of nursing competencies completed … I feel better.  The fact that I can say ‘see you next time to another ENA “Inspectandpalpate” class’ – umm, BONUS!!!  [And, yeah – this Mom got to tell her freshman college twins she got another ‘A’ …]  So, with a whole day of ME-time before the next necessary 6am wake-up call … Obviously it is NOW I’m feeling inspired!

We’ll be at the Brighton Farmers Market Harvest Fest this Saturday (tomorrow!)!  But, in the meantime, I’m making cuff bracelets.  Here are my first two (silver and brass with copper and glass cabs) with 7 more in production (wrapped in copper).  [Thank you Tanya Metal Mania!] 


My new creations may not make it for the 9/24 deadline … But no worries!  We plan to be at Bogie Lake’s Arts & Greens this November!

Up next – spoon rests, sun catchers, night lights, necklaces, and a few more cuff bracelets.  Hope to get some bowls and platters going too!  So good to be back in the swing of the studio!!!

colorburst-spoon-rests  suncatchers-2nd-firingnightlights2-inch-pendant

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