Clayton Hill Studio

Prepping for Harvest Fest

So, we will be off to Brighton Farmer’s Market Harvest Fest in T-7 hours … We put in some work, but we’re as ready as we’re gonna be!  All but Chloe, that is … who managed to catch a few fading Summer-rays in the pool this week!  (She does love her float!)


PenDots and glass cabochons galore …

bracelet-penDots  bronze  penDot-necklace-display

We added a few bracelets and aromatherapy pendants along with our mica necklaces …

harvest-fest-white-display   harvest-fest-black-display

I managed to squeeze in a round of miniDots (12mm) for some special jewelry …

miniDots    babyDots

Meanwhile, DH packed up some 50 spoon rests, barely touched on the 80 night light shades, and boxed up the 200+ pendants … along with all 60 of my ‘tea dishes’ …

night-lights-for-show    200 -pendants

Ready, Set … Harvest Fest … GO!!!


I have the day off from work, so we’ll end by attending a friend’s annual pig roast/summer gala … With only 12 hours of ER nursing fun before I roll into our next studio week: A few custom orders and a couple of coe96 vitrigraph pulls (greens and blues) on the horizon … [#happy]


Can’t Stop It …

I know … I KNOW!!!  I’m supposed to be cooking for TWO!  I KNOW THIS ~ but, it can’t be stopped!  I started with what I hoped would be a yummy, roasted cauliflower recipe (Pinterest strikes again!) … No offense, but it was just about mush, ready to be mashed cauliflower.  Who does that?  I’d make mashed potatoes, if I wanted that consistency …

So, I threw it in my soup, which is loosely based on this recipe, without tomato, but we added thick-cut bacon, cabbage, mushrooms and cream … and a few more herbs and spices.  With the additional roasted cauliflower, well …  It’s enough for a military squad, at least …

roasted-cauliflower   sausage-bean-harvest-soup

Moving on … I saw a (coe90) vitrigraph stack and pull I wanted to recreate.  It worked (better than our last vit fiasco … But – not magical!) … I will try fusing it in some manner, so … We’ll see.  Next up, a coe96 green pull ( – here’s the stack)!

fancy-stack  fancy-pullcoe96-green-stack

We’ve been accepted to Arts & Greens 2017.  Nothing to do now but prep, prep, PREP!!!  Here are a couple of penDot jewelry pieces …


I’m loving our quazi-Indian summer in Michigan … warm days with cold nights.  But ~ DH installed a pool heater.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!?  We’re at  78 degrees and holding … Gotta love Pool Dayz!!!!

Leaving with Chloe and her side-kick, Frodo … Winking smile

Not much news …

OK – a little bit of news … We’re prepping for (hopefully) the two shows we do each year (one confirmed, one pending) …

I know we will be at Brighton Harvest Fest on 9/23 … come and say ‘Hi’, if you get the chance …

So, I’m prepping inventory, boxing jewelry, etc.  And, DH and I are still having (vitrigraph) ‘pull dates’ … Tonight’s results were weird!  We did an awesome stack, which should have made beautiful cane/murrini … But!  I’m pretty sure I left a factory sticker on one (or more) pieces, which is dumb … stupid … idiotic!  In my defense, I cut over 100 pieces of vit glass that day, with every intention of going back through and cleaning.  And then, I saw a butterfly … I mean, I got excited creating gorgeous vit stacks … Yep – never went back through them … DOH!

Lumpy, bumpy, UGLY cane!


Sweet penDot (ginger snap) jewelry, penDots and pendants …

ginger-snap-jewelry ginger-snaps murrine-pendants

And, I leave with ‘Bull Frog vs. Bull Dog’ … Bull frog wins the day (hops away) … Smile



Murrini Madness … and more glass!

I’m working on more coe96 cane colors.  We had a pull tonight, and here is our ‘Pumpkin’ murrine:


I’ve cut glass for SEVERAL more pulls (… I was in a cutting mood!) …


I have a few of the stacks prepped.  I hope to keep the vit kiln busy this week:

blueberry-grape-stack GoT-royalty-stack hydrangea-stack turquoise-brown-stack

We also have our coe90 cane all packaged/stocked-up:


I managed to move along some future pendants and finish a few penDots and jewelry:

cloud-cabs-8-17 penDot-pendants Aug-cloud-pendant

And, I’m trialing a custom request for ‘camouflage glass’ … Time to see what the kiln does with it:


Lastly, I’m attempting to update our glass site (this site).  I stink at code writing, but like to think I can follow directions (sometimes) … So, I’m doing my best to decipher wordpress instructions, study ‘help’ videos and dissect a bit of web code … Which is probably why I’ve been so productive with glass!!! Winking smile

8-17-17 …

chloe-n-gina  john  finishing-penDotsnew-96-pull-colors 33cf014bc60b675d56d75690eee4f137--ding-dong-ruby-slippers  new-glasscoe90-scallion-take2

Marching On …

What an A$$-kicking week!  Sent our youngest off for Boot Camp (x4 months).  I can’t tell you how many times the ER nurse/Momma Bear in me was in conflict.  But, he is 20 years old – makes his own decisions … and I couldn’t ‘ground him’ if I wanted to …

And then, the evil-biologic … Well, she’s dying.  It is tearing my sister up … Dammitall – I hate that!!  That ‘SHE’ would cause trauma/drama even in this ‘exit stage left’ setting … Huge hugs and hearts to my sister!!!   Red heart you!  I’ve spent some 4-5 hours on the phone with my sister this week – I’m not sure it’s helping …

So, I’ve been busy in my studio, with music BLARING – cuz, it helps!!!  And Chloe and my Yorks are close by!  I’m working on vitrigraph pulls, penDots, cloud pendants, and struggling with wifi/computer strife!   Something has happened to my studio desktop.  Something bad & evil, with a trickling, slow demise.  DH has checked every cable and plug.  It’s frustrating, and I’m about to call in the *GASP* [Never Works] computer-repair-men …

But – I do have a few photos to share.  Pretty glass pictures …

fritrini-cabs-firing-8-17coe90 scallioncoe-96-pansy-stackcoe96-pansy8-4-hot-cabs

And now – I must endure 24 hours of nursing fun – with The Redneck Crew… God, Help Us!!!  If I can keep from yelling at anyone, while I keep my sister off the ledge, and DO NOT CRY or worry about my GI-Joe-boy, well then … I win!  [Fingers crossed!]


Murrini, Funshine & Pups

96-murrini-trialI used some of our 96 murrini to make a couple of pendants.  They’re cute (!) and they proved to me they are fire-safe/stable.  So – check for cane listings in our shop and on our FB page


And, it’s that time of year!  Yep – Sangria Weather.  So – I made up a vat, um … batch!  Yum!!!  Our pool deck vines (trumpet, honey suckle and some purple flower – NOT wisteria or clematis … ?) are doing great – creating the ‘living roof’ I’ve been shooting for …

sangria   pool-deck-with-flowering-vi

It’s also coming up on THAT time …Time for our pups to move on to their new homes.Sad smile  I will miss my love-bugs!  (Look at that FACE!!!)


But – I can’t be too sad … Today is our oldest’s birthday!  Hugs & Kisses, Baby Girl!!!  XOXO

birthday hug

We did some pulls …

Our first vitrigraph pull of the night … coe96 turquoise:


We got some gorgeous cane/murrini.  But – we had a crazy amount left-over in the vit pot … I mean like 1.5-2 inches.  Since I knew I wanted to do another pull, we crash cooled the pot in cold water.  It made a BEAUTIFUL ‘hunk’ of cracked glass:


And, cracked it was – when we ‘encouraged’ it out of the pot, we got this … about 2 pounds of puddle/frit chunks!  It’s okay, though.  I will do SOMETHING with it.  And, our 96 cane supply is growing:  [I will be listing the cane on FB and in our shop soon!]


Moving on – we did a coe90 pull, too (I know – two in ONE day!!)!.  I love, love, LOVE it!  I’ve named this cane/murrini ‘Blue Lagoon’ … Smile


I also put together a couple of future pendant tiles, using my murrini.  I’ll map out pendant shapes and cut them up next week:


And, I did a smaller (3/4 inch) tray of penDots … Those colors are moving along NICELY!  One more shipment of hot colors coming!  Oh, I’m gonna have me some fun!!!


But first … time for a bit of sleep and a weekend of ER nursing fun!


s8 I got a wee bit side-tracked today.  My new phone arrived – and I had some learning to do.  Samsung Galaxy S8+ … Oh My Goodness … I love it!  I’ve been taking pictures, pictures – and more pictures!  What an awesome phone camera!!!  Little to no photo-editing to correct colors or lighting needed … WOW!

Here’s one of my ‘Chef’ spoon rest:


And some of my pendants:


I’ll be spending time creating listing for the shops.  Look for unique and beautiful jewelry at great prices soon!  We’re also pulling some vit cane.  DH and I did another coe96 pull, and I’ve got a few more lined up … So, look for more murrini cane to join the shop, too!

96-stack  96-carnival-clovers-pull

I received a few new hot glass colors, and made another small batch of penDots.  I’m starting to realize taking notes might be a good idea … Maybe.   We’ll see … Winking smile


I will leave with my first-ever S8+ picture … of the beautiful Chloe Cowbell, of course!


Pulls, Puddles and Pool Time!

DH and I continue to play with the vitrigraph kiln, making murrini cane and stuff.  We had a repeat pull tonight, and I learned the value of the bubble-squeeze (along with a more controlled ramp up)!


bakers-half-rackWe’ve had some 20+ pulls, and we are learning with each one!  But – that’s a lot of vit ‘remains’ … I’ll be cleaning those up to play with puddle pieces.  I’m also running out of storage space, so I ordered a rolling bakers rack (half rack, actually).  I’m hoping to start in on some coe96 murrini cane soon!


chef-spoon-restI’m working on a new spoon rest design.  How cute is that?  I’m going to make a matching night light and ‘tea bowl’ …

Leaving with a photo of the Cowbell – who is learning to love the pool.  We’ve mastered the raft and we’re making baby steps with dog-paddling.  Who knew the rolly-polly-gal could swim?!?  Winking smile