Late to the Party …

In an effort to try to organize my growing stamp collection, I stumbled on a program … Yep – I understand it’s been around for a long time … Evernote (a free organizing app).  So, while I’m watching over my moms and pups, I’m entering lots and lots of data.  I’ve plowed through 2 baskets of stamps this week, and only have about 8 more to go … Hmmm, data entry – not so thrilling!


On a more exciting note, our Gina has chimed in to add her pups to our nursery.  They were born on 8/15 and are adjusting (and growing) great!  Here’s a quick photo of Gina’s boys … awww!  You can see more pups (and almost smell the puppy breath Winking smile) on our site here


I tried my hand at making my own enamel dots with perler beads.  Hmmm – I may just stick with Nuvo drops …perler-enamel-dots
A couple of short trips to the pool for some stolen sunshine, a few home cooked meals (with a lot of take out thrown in), and that about catches us up.  I’ll add a cute pic of Linda, napping!  Off for a fun-filled ER nursing weekend … Stay safe y’all!


Updates …

I have managed to misplace my creative mojo again.  But – there have been a few other things keeping us occupied lately …

We’ve had puppies (again)!  Our Josie had her first litter, so we’ve added four big, beautiful blue babies to our nursery. Josie is doing an awesome job loving, feeding and caring for her pups. [And Cali and her crew are doing great too – her pups are 3 wks old now and almost ready for gruel … photos to come!]JosiePups

Our oldest daughter turned 27.  Our youngest daughter made it safely home from Ghana.  I met with the ‘High School Girls’ – we had a great dinner while we caught up with each other.  And DH and I have  squeezed in as many pool days as possible.  Chloe even had her first 2019 pool float.


My studio still needs cleaning, so I can find my missing creativity.  But in the meantime, here are a couple of cute photos of my bulldog girlz (Aunt Chloe, Momma Ro, Linda … and Viola).

ChloeRoLinda  Viola4months

I’ll leave this quick update with a pretty picture DH took of one of our summer sunsets … or maybe it was a sunrise??? wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.pngsummer-sunset-2019

A Lot to Report …

OK  – running through the list since my last post.  Last week was wonderful, with pool days every day!  Got through a steady ER-nursing weekend, with a bit of a twist.  Our youngest daughter came up to see me and inform she was twinsheading back to Ghana for a ‘short visit’ (3 wks).  She left the ER to meet her brother, drove all night to catch a flight from New York and has made it safely to Ghana.  [Big THANKS to her oldest brother for helping her out like that.]  Moving on, the twins turned 22 on Tuesday (with Little Sis internationally travelling through it all). 

I made a vat of Swamp Juice – our custom to make a batch every summer… [Once started as a Sangria recipe that has been modified over the years Smile]

swamp-juice-fruit swamp-juice-fixings swamp-juice-2019

cali-stares-at-DHBefore we could enjoy it, we started pup watch, as our Neo, Cali was as big as a horse and due any day.  I have a photo of her staring longingly at DH, willing him to wake up from his nap, while Clyde hung out with her in the whelping box on Wednesday.

She had 13 beautiful blue and tawny babies, starting at 3am on Friday morning and finishing by 2pm in the afternoon.  Since we’re all adjusting to life on the outside, I’ve stayed busy near mom and pups. (Photo of the boys …)calipups

I made a bunch of soy candles and prepped some spoon rests for slumping.

candles-july  soy-candlesspoonrests-july

I also have Linda close by, as she decided to take after Uncle Clyde with some palette issues, and was admitted to the canine ER with (aspiration) pneumonia on Monday, and came home on Thursday.  She still has a horrible sounding cough, but is getting better daily.  Here’s a quick photo of her with Aunt Chloe.


So, yeah – that catches us up.  Now I’m ready to head back to the ER for a fun-filled weekend.  Stay cool, y’all!

It’s been a while …

I keep going back and forth with this creative rut.  I need to do a MAJOR deep clean in the studio, and I’m not looking forward to it.  But it has to happen, so … Next week!

In the meantime, DH and I have played with some hot weather desserts.  We tried some homemade (no churn) ice cream, along with peanut butter sauce (YUM!).  I didn’t care for the ice cream as it is too sweet, but DH likes it.  Then we made strawberry frozen yogurt.  Again, I didn’t care for it as I felt it was more like a tart sorbet.  BUT, when I mixed the ice cream (minus the peanut butter sauce) into the strawberry yogurt … PERFECTION!  (Thank you Gemma and Tracy!)

homemade-icecream-peanut-butter-sauce    strawberry-frozen-yogurt

I did pull a few birthday cards together.  cards-7-5

new-deck-dockAnd, DH built the pond deck/dock.  Victor and Gina approve.  And Chloe and Ro helped … play in the mud!  Smilemuddy-chloe  muddy-ro-2019

We’ve been enjoying the arrival of actual summer (sunshine and warm weather), with pool days as often as possible.  I’m calling it “Jamaica in July” (no swim up bar, but a handy cooler at the edge of the pool is in place) and I’m loving it!  During the wee hours of the night (my natural awake time), I’m catching up on yearly nursing computer competencies.  Our facility, which doesn’t like to pay for actually doing these competencies, recently issued a new deadline of June 30 for ALL to be complete.  As I was working (a very busy weekend with lots of volume, a few truly sick pts scattered amid many physically and emotionally demanding pts and families) … I didn’t make the deadline.  So far,  I’m 4 hours into them, with (hopefully just) 2 more hours to go to complete the 40+ modules.   Yep – Jamaica in July … because I need it!!!

I caught some neighborhood fireworks through my studio window.  I tried to get a picture.  This is the best I managed … over DH’s dump truck, between the trees and electric poles … Ambience!  Winking smile


One more pool day before returning to another fun ER nursing weekend.  Be safe Y’all!

Just a couple more days …

Even with less than cooperative Michigan summer weather, I’m having a great stay-cation.  I have a couple more days of ‘bumming’ coe90-carnival-murrini-canebefore heading back to the ER this weekend …  In the meantime, we had our coe90 ‘carnival’ pull.  Here is the stack, with the resulting murrini and cane.

90-carnival-trial   90-carnival-murrini

We had a family gathering at my sister’s.  The photo has three generations of Thompson folk (my grandfather, uncle, and sister).  It was a great visit,


sisters-6-20Speaking of sisters … I’m sneaking in a photo of Chloe and Ro.  Cowbell is definitely feeling better!  And Rotunda’s daughters, Linda and Viola – who are rolling into 3 months old.  So stinkin’ cute!!!


foiled-sugar-skullI’ made some card bases.  Played with foiling – and had decent results.  I will slowly add sentiments and layers to them.  I also made some ‘inky backgrounds’ in bold colors.  I will emboss an image and tone down the bold coloring – as in the rose card.  I’m also making a few argyle cards – so the 3 diamond backgrounds are layer one … I’ll show the finished cards when I get there …


We had a cloudy ‘pool day’ yesterday.  As always, I’m hoping to squeeze in another before returning to work.  We’ll see … Leaving with a pretty picture DH caught of the moonlight over ‘Purdy Pond’ … Happy Summer Y’all!

purdypond moonlight

Finally some pulling …

I cut some glass for a few vitrigraph pulls.  Tonight we did an aqua pull.  Here’s the stack, and the murrini results.

90-turq-stack-6-14 aqua-murrini

90-beige-stack-6-14I also plan to do a repeat coe90 beige pull.  And I’m trying to recreate the coe96 Carnival pull, but in coe90 colors … We’ll see how well I did mixing the lead and sulfur glasses – hopefully I have enough protective (safe) colors surrounding them … Otherwise, we’ll have a lovely [NOT] mud-colored batch of murrini cane…

96-stack      90-carnival-trial


I’m still working out what colors/color-mixes to create in coe96.  And, I’m making baby-step progress towards our long awaited coe96 pink stack … I have some pastel pink and maybe a bit of transparent pink to add, as well.   It feels good to play with glass again!

Leaving with a pretty sunset photo DH caught the other day.   I love summer-time!


Tinkering …

Cuz – I can.  I’m on vacation.  No – we’re not going anywhere.  But I’m taking a much-needed break from (ER) work…

We’ve had a beautiful SUN day.  DH shared his plans to build a deck on the pond …


My dad has a birthday coming up … 71 years young.  So, I made a card.  And then, I ordered a gift card to fill it (to replace the ‘Amazon’ card) and some prints of our GANG – so he has new photos of his canine grand-kids!

dad-bday The-gang

And, I’m working on some dichro cabs, for an order.


I hope to straighten up and (re-)organize the studio, make some great food, and maybe have a vit pull or two …

Either way, I’m on VACATION!!! Smile

She is HOME!!!

After 7 long days, Chloe is home.  Eating, drinking, healing … and cuddling!  And, not thrilled about posing for any photos … That’s my girl!!Chloe is home

Can’t Keep a Good Gal Down …

So  – quite a lot has happened since my last post.  None of which is glass or card making related …

Shortly after my post last week, Miss Chloe Cowbella started vomiting …chloe-cowbell All NIGHT.  She would (on her own) drink water, wait 2-3 hours and vomit it all back up.  Wait a few minutes and do it again.  Drink, vomit, rinse, repeat… Until 7AM when DH took her to our local vet.  Initial blood work showed she was sick (WBC 21k).  X-rays showed fluid in her lungs and an abnormal abdominal x-ray.  [We were told a possible ruptured stomach … Wait, what???]  She would need 24 hour vet care, possibly an oxygen tent – more than our local vet could provide … I spent Thursday sobbing – deep, ugly tears – while holding Ro and praying to baby Jesus.

Turns out Chloe was hiding pyometra from her last heat cycle ~6 wks ago, and somewhere through the vomiting and vet visit, she had ruptured her uterus.  Fast forward through an emergency surgery with hysterectomy, one LONG week (with daily calls to the incredibly patient vet techs for updates), and my Bunk-Ditty-Bunk-a-Boo is on the mend.  We visited last night.  She has a drain in her abdomen, so we aren’t allowed to bring her home just yet (even though as a nurse, I’ve cared for JP drains before, and as a patient – I’ve had one …), but hopefully within the next 24-48 hours.


She’s eating and drinking, she’s successfully switched over to oral medications … It’s just that drain.  But she was happy to see us.  And, I was over-the-moon thrilled to see her!  Nope – can’t keep a good woman down! Winking smile  Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!!!

chloe-drain2     Bunk-Ditty-smiling

Next up – day walker hours for the dreaded yearly nursing competencies (Ugghhhh!), and bringing our Bunk home!!!  Then we can rejoin our regularly scheduled programs!  HUGS!!!


Moving Past a Creative Rut …

Or trying to … I haven’t been making much, but I’m starting to get a bit of the mojo back.  Last week, DH and I went to one of our old stomping grounds (bar/restaurant) to meet up with work friends.  We had a good time, and I made a card for a dear friend (who happens to love Mickey Mouse and all things Disney):


hibachi-noodlesDid I mention for Mother’s Day, we went to a Japanese steak house.  I’ve been searching for a recipe for those addictive noodles ever since, and tried a combination of recipes to create my own take on Hibachi Noodles.  Not bad, but I would alter a few ingredients/quantities next time.

I did a bit of card making stuff:  I created a few more watercolor backgrounds.  And I copic-colored a few adorable skunk images that I hope to make into cards.

water-color-backgrounds-5-1 copic-skunks

The garden is planted and we had our first pool day (on Memorial Day).  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was out, so one of my favorite ways to spend a sunny day!

The bulldog pups are as cute as ever, rolling into 8 wks old.  Here are Viola and Newton wandering about ‘their domain’ – and Linda ‘posing’ while giving us the stink eye! heart-emoji

Viola-and-Newton linda-8wks

Posting early this week, as I failed to post anything last week.  Which means I have a couple more days to make cool stuff in the kitchen and studio, play with awesome fur-babies, and maybe catch a little more pool time before heading in for a weekend of ER nursing fun! Later Y’all!  Winking smile