November 17-24, 2017

Wow, what a week!  We started with Arts & Greens … A special Thank You(!) to all who stopped, shopped and visited with us!!!  We had a great time, despite the torrential pouring of rain that was oozing down the greenhouse wall, creating a river through the middle of our space … [Doh!]  



Once the show was over, and we moved some 200+ pounds of glass/display back up the studio stairs, the old guy and I rested for a day.  Then, Chloe helped me tackle replacing the relays in our production kiln.  She was very attentive as I struggled with the little wires in that tiny space, but we did it! wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png


I met with the high-school girls for dinner.  SO much going on in our lives with spouses, kids, grand-kids and/or fur-babies … ❤ you ladies!  [No photos … sorry!]
On Thursday, I started an eight hour cook-off.  So silly to wait until Thanksgiving day to prepare, but that’s what I did.  Our bacon-wrapped, herb/butter-rubbed turkey is delicious! (Here’s the link to the recipe I’ve been following for 3 years now …


And the rest of the fixins … Butter-herb rolls; this green bean/mushroom casserole recipe (thank you, Pinterest and Bon Appetit!); Garlic-onion smashed red potatoes (a little too heavy on the cream, but my son loved it); and Whiskey apple walnut stuffing (with spinach, sausage and cranberries).  


My favorite?  Our homemade gravy (which is flavored with blended bacon, onion, carrots, herbs and apple from the turkey) … YUM!!!  I cheated with dessert, as we bought pumpkin and pecan pies …

turkey gravy

I hope to spend all of Friday (today) in the studio, before I head back to the ER (work) this weekend.  I’m ready for the break!  Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!!!


T-2 …

Yep – down to the final hours of Arts N Greens preparations!  So what does my production kiln do?  It gives me a brand new error code.  I promptly looked it up, (didn’t sound too bad …) and it looked like my kiln stopped heating at 1240 degrees.  Hmmm … “it might do the tack fuse I wanted”, was my thought.  I hit the ‘skip step’ sequence to advance to annealing, and I went to sleep.


Woke up to full fusing (1460 degrees) temps.  Here’s my ‘SQUARE’ snowman … OUCH!!!  The good news – JenKen is sending out new relays.  The other news: Unless I work out a very large batch (coffin kiln), I’m done prepping … Double OUCH!


So – I’m slicing up vit-pot pattern bars.  I like it … and if I cut it all up, it would make a large batch!  Hmm ….


Join us this weekend at Bogie Lake Greenhouse.  I’ll have neat stuff – I promise! wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png


Turning 29 and other news …

Celebrated another anniversary of ‘Turning 29’ … DH and I had a quiet week.  I didn’t cook a single thing, and he made cake!   Hmm, I might finally have this birthday thing figured out …

We watched over our pups, who are slowly opening their eyes:


I made some progress on my double-knit polka dot bag.  And, received some beautiful rainbow yarn from Estonia, for this project by E.Sanders (Ravelry download):

polka-dot-double-knit-bag-p double-knit-rainbow-scarf estonia-rainbow-yarn

I beaded last week’s ornaments, and cut a few more:


And, we did a vitrigraph pull, in the screened porch – steps away from the pups.  We were shooting for black and white.  I KNOW that black is over-powering in a stack/pull, and I thought I had it toned-down enough … NOPE!  We’ll try again … After we do this coe96 red pull – maybe tonight:

coe96-black-white-stack coe96-black-white-canecoe96-red-stack


A Little of This …

A little of that.  A quiet week, while we watch over our pups – ‘babysitting’ at it’s most fun!

I ran the kilns a few times.  Most recently, with these ornaments and night lights:

ornaments and nitelites

Put together a shrimp stir fry, that turned out pretty amazing:

shrimp stir fry

And, I’ve started a new knitting project, thanks to KnitPicks.  It’s The Molly Bag.  I’m doing the circle bag, in these colors.

TheMollyBag    double knitting bag project

All while the pups sleep, eat and GROW!



Laying low … but, NOT

While my studio is quiet this week, our house is busy … We have puppies (AGAIN)!  Labor started in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  Many, many hours later, with lots of love, encouragement and patience – we welcomed blue, velvety-soft babies! 


Which keeps us close to the whelping boxes.  Thank goodness for our downstairs kitchen.  I’ve been keeping Moms well fed, while doing a bit of cooking.  We tried this recipe from GreatGrubDeliciousTreats  … Thanks Terri, it’s delicious!


And, I’ve got a batch of chicken stock (bone broth) on slow boil … It smells amazing!  I’m going to be all set for yummy Fall soups!!!


When I do steal away to the studio, I’m fussing with my new computer.  I’m learning how not-so-friendly Windows 10 is with a lot of my much-loved, older programs/software.  Grrrr!  I have managed a few more ornaments, which I like.  And, we replaced relays in my coffin kiln, so I finally fired a whole load of future spoon rests and, you guessed it … more ornaments(!):

spoonrests and ornaments

Down, but not out …

I’m working through a weird virus that has me sleeping most of my week away … Headache and body aches even through Motrin, when I’m awake.  I’m feeling better today (only needed a 3 hour mid-day nap), so I’m on the mend …

Which is perfect, as our Sheeba had her puppies today (4 days over-due).  Blue and tawny babies – who are huge, and taking to life-on-the-outside like naturals.


Miss Cowbell (Chloe, the Baboon Aszz) isn’t allowed in the nursery, or anywhere near any boys, right now … But she’s still so cute!


I’ve been active in the studio in bits and spurts:  Ornaments, spoon rests and more ornaments:


Our youngest son completed his first segment of training and will be moving on to Texas soon.  He sent us this – such a handsome guy!  Stay safe and strong!


My studio computer caught the ‘blue screen of death’, so I’ve been limping along with laptop and an older computer, while I wait for my new one to arrive.  It amazes me how anxious I get without access to technology – and how impatient I am with slow (dial-up era) access to that technology … Baby steps … Winking smile

It’s time …

For our next coe96 glass murrini cane offerings …. We did a gorgeous ‘scallion’ pull:

coe96_white_stack coe96_white_murrini

And. here is our first coe96 medley package, available in our Etsy shop:


It’s getting to be that time of year.  The studio is becoming ‘Ornament Central’ as I prep for Christmas and our next show:


Alas – it’s also time for ‘Baboon Aszz’ to arrive.  ‘Lil Miss Cowbell is being extra stubborn and shoot(!) … something’s growing!  Not to fear – we have panties for the girl this time!!!  (She’s still cute, though – the BRAT!)


Street Legal

Got through the online nursing competency bit AND the day-walking blitz competency … So, yeah!  I’m street-legal with my employer for another year.  Yay!!!

Back in the studio … I’m taking inventory in slow preparation for Arts & Greens 2017, deciding which projects, ornaments and techniques to try.  And cutting up vitrigraph stacks, as we build our coe96 murrini cane stock.   Here are the next two pulls:  Gold-yellow and Candy Corn

96-gold-yellow     96-candy-corn-stack

We had our coe96 green mix pull with good results.  You can check them all out in our Etsy shop.


And with the touch of cooler weather – it must be time for some comfort food.  We’ll be trying this recipe from Amy at The Idea Room – Artichoke Spinach Ravioli Bake (photo credit:


Gah! ~

It’s that time of year again!  Yep, annual on-line nursing competency H.E.L.L. … To add to the fun, our educational expert decided to choose a print font visible only to the insect eye!  And I’M the ONE getting tested for age-specific appropriate skills, tools and techniques?!?  But, it’s over … for now!


We had a good time at Harvest Fest … with record high temperatures (91 degrees … in September … in Michigan!!)! Thank you all, who stopped in to see us!  [Losers that we are, DH and I both failed to get a photo of our set up.]  Moving on …

Now to clean this studio, and gear up for Arts-N-Greens.  I’ve got a few projects I want to try.  We had a coe96 vitrigraph pull in beautiful shades of blue this week.  I hope to squeeze in one more later tonight, before heading in for ER nurse weekend fun.  

coe96 The Blues 20170927_011850

And, maybe another pool day?!?  It could happen … Winking smile

Prepping for Harvest Fest

So, we will be off to Brighton Farmer’s Market Harvest Fest in T-7 hours … We put in some work, but we’re as ready as we’re gonna be!  All but Chloe, that is … who managed to catch a few fading Summer-rays in the pool this week!  (She does love her float!)


PenDots and glass cabochons galore …

bracelet-penDots  bronze  penDot-necklace-display

We added a few bracelets and aromatherapy pendants along with our mica necklaces …

harvest-fest-white-display   harvest-fest-black-display

I managed to squeeze in a round of miniDots (12mm) for some special jewelry …

miniDots    babyDots

Meanwhile, DH packed up some 50 spoon rests, barely touched on the 80 night light shades, and boxed up the 200+ pendants … along with all 60 of my ‘tea dishes’ …

night-lights-for-show    200 -pendants

Ready, Set … Harvest Fest … GO!!!


I have the day off from work, so we’ll end by attending a friend’s annual pig roast/summer gala … With only 12 hours of ER nursing fun before I roll into our next studio week: A few custom orders and a couple of coe96 vitrigraph pulls (greens and blues) on the horizon … [#happy]