Enameling–what NOT to do … and other news

enameling-first-timeFinally played with copper glass enameling last night.  I used the sifting method, and it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  It made me realize I prefer slightly larger ‘canvases’ …

But, one very important lesson learned regarding what NOT to do:  burned-the-bedDon’t drop that 1450 degree piece of red hot glass/metal, as you’re transferring it from the kiln to the cooling brick.  Nope … that thing will burn right through a dog bed, leaving smelly, melted green fluff/turned-plastic!  Fortunately no one was injured, but the girls (Chloe and Ro) wondered why I kept telling them to stay back (as they lifted their heads, cracked open an eye to look at me from their safe, snuggly big bed some 15-feet-away) …

Will let the process ruminate for a day or so, plan on another copper enameling technique to try before I give it another go …


Meanwhile, I’ve had a few custom requests for spoon rests – so they’re firing as I type.


And, I’ve moved my jewelry tiles along.  Should be ready to cut out some shapes/designs tomorrow.


Leaving with Ro, who is very much in the teething stage of puppyhood right now.  Everything goes in the mouth/becomes a toy if left within her reach.   Right on down to a plastic box.  Silly girl!



Snowmageddon 2018

Michigan snowfall has postponed Christmas II (with Dad/et al.) … The predicted snow storm proved to be too much … So, while our tree is ready with gifts waiting, the menu set, the house prepared – we’re on hold, and watch the snow fall …xmas-2-on-hold

Of course, now I’m doing it from my studio.  And, I’m working through a couple of new jewelry tiles (‘summer fun’ and ‘a thin blue line’).  Component parts and colors …

new-jewelry-colors    new-cab-componentssping-summer-components      thin-blue-line-components

I’m also prepping photos, creating night light listings for our etsy shop:

new-chef-nitelite DOD-nitelite hearts-n-flowers-nitelite

new-recipe-bookWhile we wait for Xmas II, Michigan roads to clear, copper enameling supplies to arrive, and I mentally prepare for my nursing weekend – I have a new recipe book to peruse … And, the four-legged gang (mom, dad and baby Josephina [Josie], along with the bulldog sisters – Chloe and Ro) are catching a group nap!  Smile

Cuz It’s THAT Time of Year!

PMC-suppliesYep.  Time for a bit of ‘distraction shopping’.  I watched a few videos about copper enameling and PMC (precious metal clays) with glass … So, I’m  stocking up on what I need, waiting for some items to arrive and scouring through my books.  Hope to give this a try in the near future.  Meanwhile, it forces me to clean and organize my studio (to make room for the new supplies) … All of this has me taking stock of all my ‘stock’, and the ideas are churning.  Especially with some scrap glass designs (time for a few scrap vit/twisted vit pulls, mesh melts and other waste-not projects!)!!


I am managing to photograph a few of my recent spoon rests, for listings in our shop:

all-that-jazz-spoon Day-of-the-Dead-spoon mod-flower-spoon

And, the girlz – always close by … frequently resting!  Smilegirlz

Excited, Sad – and a Celebration

new-fnf-moldsI have lots of things going on in the studio.  I received a bunch of silicon molds for F-N-F fun … Along with a few new stencils to play with … And, a ‘dirty pour’ kit from UGC.  Time to bust out my kitchen torch …

DH helped me change the stuck relay in my production kiln.  I’m hopeful this one lasts longer!

fun-fnf-molds new-stencilsUGC-pour-kit changing-relay

Our pups are moving on to their new homes this week.  Sad(!), and happy … as they all deserve to be the center of attention.  Here is Gunther (Gunny) hard-at-rest!


The Girlz sure love playing with the Neo babies, but they have each other (and me) to wrestle with.


retirement-cakeAnd, we celebrated my step-Mom’s retirement.  She is done with nursing.  So happy for her!  Had a great dinner out and got all the family together.  Here’s a photo of the awesome cake my sister brought.  And a photo of Grandpa T with his grandkids and great-grandkids …gpa-and-grandkids

Ouch and Doh!

oucherSo, I managed to start the week off with an OUCHER!!!  While some may think stitches were indicated, THIS nurse knows better!  I still got my mega-load of spoon rests in the coffin kiln.  And, more rainbow night lights in the works …

spoons-galore night-lights

No stopping me in the kitchen, either.  Shrimp stir-fry is a hit at my house.


My production kiln is acting up, AGAIN!.  One of the relays stuck in the ‘ON’ position, ruining these blanks … No error code, the kiln just stuck at 1400+ degrees (higher than programmed) for 8+ hours (when it was caught).  Hmmm, makes me wonder if it was a faulty replacement relay or did I manage to mess up the repair a couple of months ago … ?!?  Plenty of time to stew about it, while I wait for more parts to arrive… Doh!


Leaving with a cute pic of my sleepy girlz … [SNOOORE!]


Feeling good …

Had a long-assz talk with my Dad tonight, who always helps me put things in perspective, helping me HUGELY …  (Thanks Dad – I love you!)

We had a good week here.  I overcame the recent nursing obstacles, thus allowing me to continue with my ‘day job’ … Winking smile  Plastic, anoxic, babies better watch out!

I had a great week in the studio, creating spoon rests and night lights [photos to come], while slicing up my fingers – as only a glass-fuser can (enjoy …???) … APPRECIATE!

I’ve got my girls … These four-legged BEASTS that keep me busy and entertained!


cauliflower-chowderI tried a new recipe tonight … and it’s a keeper: Cauliflower Corn Chowder

And, after talking with Dad (- the way a kid touches base with her ‘REALITY’ …), I’m OK, my family is OK … EVERYTHING is OK!

We’re going to have another ‘All-In-The-Family’ dinner soon, at Dad’s request:

  • My grandparents (the original Ozzy & Harriet) had three sons – as drastically different as one can get.
  • I come from a ‘broken’ household.  I am the oldest, with a sister I grew up with, and another that joined us later … And a dysfunctional mother – that I was never able to form a bond … But, I am blessed with SISTERS that I love.
  • I created a stable home, with my high-school sweet-heart, and produced four beautiful offspring … Whom I love to my core – they are as different as night and day and at opposite ends of every spectrum you can imagine.  They are healthy, gorgeous, smart kids.  They had a solid foundation.  They are making their own unique path in our world!
    • What they do with me is immaterial.  They are strong, productive members of society … So am I.  And – my own ‘mental-bar’:  No one is pregnant (as no one is married), or in jail!!!

Dad helped me better appreciate what I have, what I come from … And, what I have intentionally created. 

So, I can go forward and try to be Florence [Nightingale] – for as long as I can handle it.  I can feel secure in knowing my family is as stable as they come.  And, I can get lost – and create – both in the kitchen and the studio … Knowing I did right by my family.

[No more drinking as I type … I PROMISE … I’LL TRY!!!]


I want to be good …

I’m TRYING to be good.  But – I just spent the last 3 hours attempting to save the lives of virtual (plastic) babies … Judged by how quickly I threw ‘life saving items’ “IN MY BASKET(!!!)” … And, I’m not done yet.  On Thursday, I’ll endure another 90 minutes playing ‘lets pretend’ with REAL plastic babies.  Arrghh!

It’s not that I want to ‘pretend’ or keep my skills current on real babies.  It’s that my employer feels that spending 3 hours (ummm … 3 hours that I’m not allowed to claim as working) on some crappy-designed virtual LEARNING ‘Lets Make a Deal’ GAME will hone my infant delivery skill-set, for our free-standing ER.  In my 28 years of nursing experience, this used to be taken a bit more seriously … and professionally … and paid!

Anyway, I’ve finished my YEARLY competency (AGAIN) … And, the good news – I don’t have any additional competencies due for another six months!  (Right[?!?] … The difficulty – we are ALLOWED to clock in some virtual time YEARLY …. Hmmm, what to do, WHAT TO DO?!?)

I know, play with cute puppies!  Here’s our son – being DEVOURED by Neapolitan Mastiffs and English Bulldogs!  Too cute!!!

play-time puppy-play-time_thumb.jpg

The great news – I’ll get to play (in REAL TIME) in the studio on Friday.  And, I’m told I need to work on a nursing GOAL.  Hmmm, maybe better education … or – at least paid (when it’s mandatory) education … Just Sayin’ … Winking smile

Cleaning and photographing …

Doing some much needed deep cleaning here in the studio.  Which is tedious, but also inspiring – as I rediscover half-finished projects, failed attempts and new ideas …

I’m also creating listings … taking lots of photos, editing for uploading, trying for inspiring descriptions … Completely tedious, but necessary!

Here are a few I’ve been working on:

20180109_214345 20171121_134526 20180109_21301920180109_214129 20180109_212845 20180109_21472320180109_213359 20171121_134606 20180109_215155

Thank goodness for the girls … who keep an eye on me as I buzz about the studio, and are always willing to interrupt their nap for some playtime!


2017 Goes Out with a Bang!

I got home from work Sunday morning (12/31/17) to find my studio furnace had died, literally exploding within itself.  Fortunately, the damage 2017-Christmaswas to the furnace only.  My studio was a brisk 49 degrees, and the water lines didn’t freeze.   Goodbye 2017 and goodbye furnace.

As we roll into the 2nd day of 2018,  I survived my nursing weekend, DH is installing the new furnace, and I slept well and thoroughly through 1/1/18 (some 15+ hours of sleep).

Moving on to photos … Our Christmas 2017 part 1:  We had a merry Christmas!  Part 2 is scheduled for February …

Chloe & Ro are best-of-buds/sisters:


I completed a custom ANT ornament, and continue to have interest and sales in our online shop.  Thank you!


And, I have a houseful of the cutest pups ever!


I look forward to what adventures 2018 will bring!  Happy New Year!!!