Because I Knew …

tiaraI knew I needed a tetanus shot, so OBVIOUSLY the best way to get that is to swan dive out of one’s pool to perform a [9.3 … 9.1 …9.6 … 9.2 … 9.4 – the judges have scored …] FACE-PLANT onto a cement paver outside of said pool.  Yep, that tetanus shot was mine, ALL MINE!  [Yes, that was a wee few hours after my last post … here is a photo of happy me, in my anniversary tiara, just minutes before …]

Now all up to date on my immunizations, I am sporting an incredibly sexy burger stamp on my forehead, along with two quite colorful eyes …. Oh and that magical eyeshadow is just starting!   I have a rainbow of shades to go through … AWWW!

burger   black-eyes

So, yeah … I knew.  Just like I know I’m having family out later this week to celebrate birthdays.  Because timing is EVERYTHING!!!  Oh Y’all …. just DOH!

What do you think of this look … Too OBVIOUS???


Anniversary Day

Yep, 32 years of wedded bliss.  Smile

We’ve been enjoying pool days just about every day.  Our garden continues to amaze with cucumbers (- look at that cucumber!), tomatoes, zucchini, patty pans, herbs (basil, sage and mint), beans and NOODLE BEANS … yep, we tried those for the first (successful) time this year.

cucuber22     garden-is-producing-22

dot-tpI’ve finished up a couple of ‘dot’ projects … Here is one that I had to frame, as I love it!

Had dinner withlotion the high school girls last week.  I’m happy to report we are all well and aging gracefully.  Smile  I’m making goat milk lotion now, and gave some to the ladies.  It smells so good!

teryaki-rabbitWe cooked up a teryaki rabbit recipe.  Very yummy.  We’re having family out next week, so we’ll be serving home grown chicken (SKOS) and rabbit, along with home grown veggies … and a few store made things, like cake!

We went fishing in our pond yesterday and for the first time ever, caught some sharkey-32-yrsfishes … bullhead catfish and some kind of giant minnow-looking thing, along with a painter turtle.  All went back into the pond to grow and thrive …  [No photos of our fishing, but here is the DH ‘Sharky’ 32 year anniversary gift]

Leaving with a photo of me playing with some CRAZY artificial lashes …  Happy DAY Y’all!clown-lashes

Summertime 2022

I know – it’s been a bit.  But I am alive and kicking, and enjoying summer pool time, along with Chloe …


So, to hit some highlights over the last few months:

Our oldest son graduated from law school, and is presently in VA for tax law.  Our youngest (the twins) turned 25, and we celebrated at our favorite Japanese steakhouse (no photo) …

grad-card22        mp-law-grad22

Our garden is rocking!  Two words – BUNNY Pooh (compost) … Oh my goodness!!!


squash22 cucumbers22 tomatoes22

Sangria/swamp juice 2022 – the magical drink no longer requires any kind of written recipe and is SOOOO good!

swamp-juice22  sangria22

I continue to play with recipes and incorporate yard plants/homeopathic treatments when possible …. So this is mullein, and we made a lovely Mullein Strawberry Ginger tea.  DH says he might just like it.

mullein  mullein-tea  strawberry-ginger-mullein-t

Speaking of DH – Chloe and the bulldog gang love him:


I’m tinkering with diamond paintings (or what DH calls ‘DOTS’) …


pizza22We’re also playing with pizza, trying to uncover the perfect homemade crust (anyone with recipes/hints … HELP!).

And, I am apparently reliving my childhood, as only a serious shopper can.  We have a gumball machine and cotton candy machine  on their way to us …

gumball machinecotton candy

My bulldog sisters are never far from me …


Yep – those are the high lights.  Leaving with a 2022 picture of me.  Happy SUMMER Y’all!!!


I like this pace …

april-cardsCruisin’ along, getting stuff done, cleaning, making cards, playing with babies … I really could get used to this slower pace.  But, I’m ready for summer!  My garden is calling me ,,, Those teaser weather days really hit me.

Anyway – I am making steady progress on the mess that is the studio.  I moved a few cards along.  I turned the abstract water color from last week into these four bases – just waiting for sentiments.

watercolor wc-cards

And, now that they are 4 wks old, Thumper’s babies are eating lots of good stuff (cucumber, rolled oats, carrots, hay) and are just too cute!  Have a great week, Y’all!


So now …

The dreaded taxes are done!  Yay!  So now, we can focus on the next job(s) … Our group project is refinishing the hardwood floors.  MY NEXT project is finding and CLEANING this studio.  I’m going to majorly shame myself and post a photo.  It shows just how cluttered I’ve become.  Gah! 


In between, I will continue to make cards, run the occasional kiln load and watch over my garden starts.  I’ve been playing with watercolors …

card watercolor

And, I’m kicking around the idea of hosting some classes.  I plan to rope my sister into helping me figure out a working agenda for each, but here are some of the items I’m thinking about.classes

baby-bunnyOur baby bunnies are getting cuter by the day and starting to explore the world outside of their nesting box ro-headphones… Awwww!

I’m also sharing a quick pic of Miss Rotunda, who likes listening to my blue-tooth face (eye) mask with thunderstorms and crickets playing …

And now, I’ve got to start cleaning.  Hugs Y’all!


That time of year …

glass-bulbsBut first – here are some of the bulbs I made in the glass blowing class with my sister.  taxes-22We had a great time, and now we’re looking at other classes to take.

It is THAT time of year, so tax prep is well underway.  I’m hoping we can pull them together within the next 2-3 days.  Maybe, sure …

seed-bookIt’s also seed-starting time … So, I busted out my big ‘book of seeds’ and got a few trays going.  So far so good!

seed-starts-22 seedlings

I continue to play with cards as we’re looking at the various farmers markets in our area.  Meanwhile, DH is making beautiful pottery (photos to come).

april-cards-2 april-cards1

I hope to have some cute Thumper baby bunny photos for you next time.  And, it looks like Princess Buttercup might be having a few, too.  Hugs Y’all!

Card-Mania Continues …

FMI’ve spent a bit of quality time in my studio, playing with paper.  DH and I were talking about working some of the area Farmers Markets this spring/summer … Right now I’m making cards, cards, and more cards …

unicorn-cards  bday-daisieste-cards nasturtium-cards


rose-vellum-cards distress-oxide-blendingwatercolor-cards tartan-hello-card

hydroponics-3-22Meanwhile, our hydroponics are still going strong.  I’m hoping to get some tomatoes and maybe a few zucchini before we move on to outdoor gardening.  Come on spring … I am so ready!

My sister and I are taking a class this weekend to play with blowing glass.  I’m excited.  I hope to share some neat photos in my next post…

Speaking of sharing pictures – I’ll leave with this crazy one.  Somewhere along the way, I decided I wanted to try magnetic lashes … Doh!  Not a good look for me, but it made me laugh!  Hugs Y’all!


Struggle … Yep – that bus is REAL!

So, I’m trying to embrace all things I’m supposed to be embracing.  Meanwhile, dark, depressive thoughts keep springing up.  I AM OKAY!  I’m just trying to figure some sh*t out.  I am Ukrainian by birth.  Muchly disregarded by the birth mother, but I always felt that pull!  However, at this time – it is not my fight.  I have enough to keep my head and hands busy!

Dude, I am totally ok.  I’m a nurse, and I’m not currently nursing.  I’m on sabbatical … I’m keeping myself sane.  Go, Me!!!

Meanwhile, I have fun photos to share.  And, I’m cleaning the studio, planning for new fused glass, working out some card ideas, while I feed my chickens and bunnies.  We’re supposed to grow by pigs or goats this year.  I’m excited – and waiting for more words from DH!

Here are some cards I made …

20220308_181812 20220304_183608

And some ceramics …



20220225_111728  Christmas with my Dad …  And, I’ll leave with our hydroponic mega-salad with bok-choy and greens … Yeah, baby!


And … I think the greenhouse build is a GO for this YEAR!  Yay!

So, Actually …

It turns out Babs is really (Mr.) Bugs – and our Miss Thumper has had babies!  OMGosh – how fun!  Here’s a quick pic of Mom and baby bunnies.

Mama-Thumper thumper-babiesw

I’ve made a few cards, and I’m having a good time getting back into studio work.

hbd-cards  feb-cards 

We’ve also been playing with pottery.  Here is our window for planter pots.  Pretty!


I’ll leave with a cute photo of Crazy Ava – who loves to sing to us.  Hugs Y’all!


Snow and Play …

We had our big snow storm.  It produced, but nothing overly dramatic.  The pups had fun romping through it, though.


Meanwhile, we continue to play in the ceramic  studio.  DH made a Batman mug.  It fired okay (with glazes), but we’ve definitely had some better pieces coming out of our kilns.  And here is our new mug display in the kitchen.  Smile

batman-mug  batman-firedpots-2-72-7-load-mugmugd

Our hydroponics continue to grow.  We are routinely grabbing bok choy and various herbs.  I would like the tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini to produce a bit more/faster …2-22-hydroponics    hyrdoponics-2-22

tragus-piercingOh, and this just happened.  I’d been wanting to get a tragus piercing for a bit, so I had my little sister act as my ‘wing-man’.  I’m glad I have it, and she had me laughing through most of it …

This also happened (today).  We brought our male, “Buck Rogers” home, along with a sweet blue girl – named “Violet” – who is 3 months old.  Awwww!  Babs and Thumper are enjoying a more ‘colony’ vibe to their habitat now …

buck violetthumper & babs

I’m also playing in the kitchen of my studio.  Lip balm last week, and I hope to add strawberry and mango flavors as well.  And a new book to learn from.  We already make yogurt (SO MUCH CHEAPER!!!), but I’d love to make some cheeses (like muenster and gouda!) …

lip-balm   more-learning

I’m gathering supplies for soap making too … Just a matter of time now!  Winking smile

Stay safe and hugs, Y’all!