Oh My Goodness – It’s been a while …

I’m not dead … YET!  It’s just been an absolutely INSANE few weeks!

Lets recap: 

  • ghanaThe twins turned 21 … SAGE WORDS:  Life doesn’t get any easier as they age – Just Sayin’!  I’ve got a kid in Ghana RIGHT NOW!  It’s too long of a story to get into, but let’s all just say a prayer for Baby Girl [PLEASE]!!!
  • DH and I quietly celebrated 28 years of wedded bliss …
  • The bulldog crew is growing and strong!  {Lots of photos below!}
  • 2wkmale We had puppies … 9 beautiful Mastino babies.  Almost 3 weeks of pup-watch later … Mom & pups are doing great!  (One of our boys … More photos to come!!!)
  • I had a nursing eval … [I don’t want to talk about it! …] The good news – I’m still employed!  Winking smile
  • I survived another A.M. nursing competency class [ACLS re-cert] … Yep, I remain certified … GAH!  [I  H.A.T.E. morning classes!!!  Why can’t an institution that accepts S.W.S.D. NOT RECOGNIZE the fact that they are messing with their shift workers?!?]
  • I’ve been busting out some custom glass requests … The studio is back up and COOKING!!  [Photos of a couple of those requests}

!request-night-light request-wine-bottles

  • I made a few cards, as I continue to gather card-making supplies … Look at those INKS!!! … And – some cards!


  • We have enjoyed a few SUNSHINE DAYS … and had some Swamp Juice to go with it … (It used to be a sangria recipe, but like many things … it has EVOLVED!!!)

summer-fun-2018 swamp-juice-2018

  • Which means I can accept the current 2-legged offspring status; Having passed my early morning competency HELL, I remain unimpressed by my work evaluation and/or management/education; I  love my four-legged crew … Life is GOOD!
  • And … DH and I have started talking about a 5–7 year plan … New home/new studio plans are being hashed-out as I type … DOH!!!  [No photos yet – as this will take YEARS to gain approval with the construction crew!  But, if I get half of what I’m shooting for – it will be AMAZING!!! Winking smile]
  • Now that I can breathe again, I promise not to wait another 3 weeks to share …


piggymom-n-daughterBD-familychloe-in-a-box bulldog-puppies

Busy, but with down-time

We had a great week!  Lots of afternoon pool time, lots of puppy play time, some computer work and a bit of studio card time!

But first … Chloe’s posse turned 7 wks old.  They are so fun to play with and too stinking cute!

IMG_20180711_093236541 IMG_20180712_1720387567wkyeti (1) Pignacious7wks

If you want to see more of our bulldogs, DH has a facebook page dedicated to the ‘beasts’: https://www.facebook.com/Clayton-Hill-English-Bulldogs-1870477886306452/

We all ate well, starting with a big vat of Momma’s Trailer Park Mac-N-Cheese with turkey meatballs.  (Kind of a gourmet version of Spaghettios with Meatballs – using macaroni noodles, cream, muenster & provolone cheeses, herbs, dry mustard, shredded spinach, ground turkey and some homemade BBQ sauce … the boys can’t get enough!)  And tonite, DH made pan seared Alaskan Pollock with veggies.  It’s only taken 33 years, but the man is becoming a great cook!  Winking smile


And, my cards:  I turned one of the acrylic paint dragging backgrounds into a painted rose (Concord & 9th set), along with a few other colors:

 acrylic-painted-rose-card  painted-roses

Then, I made a new paper flower to add to my growing ‘garden’.


And finally, I followed a youtube video, (thank you Ellen!) to mask some Stamping Bella Gnomes, create the distress oxide background and copic color the fun gang.  I like it!!!

ready-for-copics   gnomes-card

Add one more pool day before heading back to a weekend of ER nursing fun … Just doesn’t get much better for this girl! [HUGS]

Waterlogged … and happy!

Spent as much time in the pool as possible this week.  So, I managed to get ‘sun-kissed’ and pruney-wrinkly fingers.  Of course, that much time in the pool meant not much cooking happening in the kitchen (and a large amount of liquid meals … Hey, that sun was warm, I didn’t want to risk dehydration!) …  Although, we did make two giant pans of mostaccioli.  So, the men-folk are well fed.

And, I played with puppies.  Chloe’s posse is 6 wks old.  We officially pulled Chloe from them (immunization time).  She has had a rough couple of days with it, but she’s coming around, and Rotunda is happy to have her sister back.  Chloe’s crew … well, they couldn’t be any cuter!  Here’s Clyde, Yeti, Maybeline and NayNay.  We’ve got a lot of beautiful blue eyes peeking back at us!


I played a bit in the studio – when I should have been sleeping.  A definite summer, floral theme going … Some watercolor cards, a bokeh backed dandelion, a paper flower bouquet card and a bunch of bright, cheery acrylic backgrounds:


DH and I had a date night on Friday.  We went to see Jurassic World.  The movie … Meh!  But the popcorn dinner was delicious!  Winking smile

Leaving with a cute and sassy photo of Maybeline.  She just might be sticking her tongue out at you …



Growing …

Chloe’s pups sure are!  They turned 5 wks old today … the cutest little stinkers!!!


And, I’m growing my skill set as a card maker … slowly.  I did some water coloring with the Peerless travel set:


Played with scraps of paper for a background


Revisited a couple of stamps for some copic coloring:

fuchsia-take-2  giraffe-copic 

My dad’s fathers day card (copic).  Then, I played with some layering dies.

dads-card  layering-dies

And, got my plotter involved to make large word masks for some distress oxide backgrounds.

making-word-masks     plotter-word-masks

Yep, I’m growing.  Hope to squeeze a little pool time in there too.  We’ll see …

Peerless watercolors …

First try with this medium.  It’s ok.  I still have much to learn …


4 Weeks!

Chloe’s babies turned four weeks old today.  Look who’s eating!  They love it, the little porkers!


Here’s Clyde, Yeti, Maybeline and the Pigster.  Soooo cute!


Chloe is enjoying some downtime, showing us she can still jump onto her favorite rock.  Meanwhile Rotunda decided to take a mud bath … silly girls!

chloe-rock  muddy-Ro

I haven’t been so productive in the studio yet this week.  I did organize a travel kit for watercolors (Peerless – love them), and prepped my next stamp.  Awww …

peerless-travel-colors   giraffe-stamp


Introducing Pignacious Peg Leg Polka Dot

Or, NayNay for short … Our newest permanent member of the clan.  (DH finally said it out loud …) Not that I love Chloe’s other babies any less …

NayNay-says-Hi   Pignacious

Speaking of which – here’s the Cowbell snuggling with Maybeline, and her whole posse, who turned 3 wks old today. 

ChloeMaybeline   ChloePups3wks

Auntie Ro also likes to babysit the crew … And, here Ro is doing her Dracula imitation:


We are empty nesters (of the 2 legged variety) this week.  So DH and I are eating quick/easy meals (salads and Chinese).  I suggested some BBQ – we’ll see if he can muster the energy for a bit of grilling …  We have had some great pool time, both with and without the girls.


And, I’ve squeezed in a bit of time for card making … I did some embossing on a pop can (father’s day card), die cut a bunch of numbers for a birthday card (my dad is turning 70 soon); I’m trying to gain skills with watercolors (SLOWLY); I made cards with my colored pencil images; and back to Copic coloring, which is my favorite.

dadDHcards   watercolor-Tombowstulle-cards   3dog-card

Sunshine & Puppies …

It doesn’t get much better for this old gal!

Our Neo pups have moved on to their new homes, which is bittersweet.  My bulldog posse have opened their eyes and found their VOICES!  Here are a couple of group photos:



And Clyde – profile and posing!

clyde2wkprofile   clyde2wks

I made a few cards, sent out some glass packages and played in the kitchen. 

awesome-card thanks-cards flowerbdaycard_thumb.jpg

My dinner photos weren’t very good, but we made Baked Chicken Spinach Provolone (my menfolk approved, thank you Sara!) and Bacon & provolone wrapped grilled shrimp kabobs (always a hit!) this week, in between plenty of salads!  [No recipe for the shrimp, but it is exactly as named.]

These Baked Spinach Provolone Chicken Breasts are Low Carb and so delicious. So simple to make, just butterfly the chicken breasts, add spinach, and provolone cheese. Then just wrap it and bake it! | Tastefulventure.com

DH and I had a couple of pool days (YAY!) and the DNA kits arrived for Chloe’s gang.  As they are rare colors, the DNA testing is a must.  Next up, 24 hours of ER nursing fun!

It’s Time to Make the Donuts …

time-to-make-the-donutscranky-chloeMotherhood isn’t always easy … But poor Chloe is doing great!  And her piglets are growing and thriving.  While the Cowbell loves her babies very much, she let me know with a look or two this week that it’s not all bonbons and roses.  My sweet thing!

The pups, who are 10 days old, are keeping all of us busy.  DH, our son and I are taking turns keeping a watchful eye on Momma and the litter.

 happy-clyde 1wk-chloe-pups bullys-1-wkchloe-pups1wk

I’ve kept the menfolk well fed this week, too.  With Spinach Artichoke Ravioli (thanks again, Farah!), Swedish meatballs, chicken cream cheese braid and lots of salads for warm summer days – they are happy.


I started a few cards and played with die cuts … I also managed to squeeze in a couple of custom glass orders (no photo).

polka-dot-cards   circle-die-cut-focal

And wrapped up the week with a pool day! (Yay!)   While Rotunda isn’t as interested in the water as her sister, she loved sunning on the deck.  And Chloe had her first 2018 float in the pool …

Ro-meets-pool 2018ChloePool

Ro does love to play with our 7 wk old Neapolitan Mastiff pup, Phoebe. phoebe7-wks

Off for a weekend of ER nursing fun.  Time for this momma to make the donuts … Winking smile

What a week!

Chloe had her babies!  On Wednesday, she started stage 1 labor, and when she ‘returned’ her food, we were off to the vet.  Six hours later, we came home with one groggy Momma and four beautiful bulldog babies!  Here she is loving on her ‘posse’:


Life-on-the-outside is settling in (day 1 was a bit rough, as we had to learn and master ‘lay down’ before I would give her the babies).  She loves her babies very much, and will grunt/whine (as only a bulldog can) when they are in the basket.  Here’s lil miss Polka-Dot at 2 days old.  (I love her merle markings and ‘mascara’ eyes!)


I’ve had some hit-&-miss card designs:  Water coloring is not an innate talent for me, but I feel like I’ve got the multi-layer die cutting down; Tonight’s butterfly card in progress;

watercolor-ranunculus more-diecut-background butterfly-card

More die cut backgrounds;  Copic coloring and die cut cards x2; I love those ranunculus, but not this stamping approach;

diecut-backgrounds  5-25-cardsfuture-cards  meh

And, finally – wreath cards and up next (pig) coloring …


I lost a dear friend and coworker this week.  I am reminded how quickly worlds can unravel.  While I pray for healing for her family (and myself), I find some comfort knowing she is at peace.  We will pick up the pieces at work, moving on without her …  Maybe not as smoothly for a bit, but blessed for having her in our lives for the time that we did.

I also discovered the secret to my Sizzix Eclips die cutting dilemma.  Turns out I still have not mastered ‘reading instructions’ … Doh!  So, I’ll be dabbling with that a bit more when Cowbell and her Posse let me.