But – not what I’m supposed to be doing … Yeah, well – we’ll get to that.*

I made cards.  Bona fide, ready-for-giving greeting cards!


And, I’m playing with up-next designs.  I stumbled on some of my long-ago handmade paper (from 6 years ago!) – and decided it would be a great background for a hand-crafted card!  I definitely want to play again with paper-making.  Hmmm …handmade-paper  pug-card

I have a few new stamped images going: Bulldogs, another ‘Magda’ (in watercolors) and I had to stamp/color this Yorkie (alcohol inks) …

bully-stamp latest-coloring yorkie-alcohol-ink-coloring

I had to reorganize a bit of space, to squeeze in some much-needed storage.  So, here are ‘The Sisters’ supervising my new copper enameling shelving set-up.


*[What I should be doing is finishing our tax prep!  Gah … Our appointment is on Monday.  Ehhh, there’s still time! Winking smile ]


I’m no Hallmark, but …

cards-and-backgroundsI played with background techniques this week.  I started with alcohol inks  …
Some are gorgeous, some so-so, and some will just have to grow on me … I used different background medias (Yupo, Futura, and even acetate).  It’s all learning … (I’m almost  ‘fluent’ in watercolor paper manufacturers, too!)

close-up-background   card-making-set-upmore-backgrounds first-card koala-card-maybe

new-nurseAnd, I’m discovering more about shading and coloring.  Darn, those flesh-tones are tough!  Here is my latest nurse.  I haven’t decided if she’s jaundiced, pre-renal or just nauseous … Aargh!

So, I finally made a skin and shading key, to help me better choose color BEFORE the marker hits the paper.  Yep, it’s all learning!  I do have some cute pups going …

chi-and-skin-tones pug more-dogs

I’m also pretty pleased with Magda! And, my little monster dudes …

improving  monsters

Tonight I pulled out distress oxide inks for some other background techniques … I think I’m getting close to assembling an actual card!  Winking smile  I’m just waiting on a few more supplies to arriveSurprised smileDO-backgrounds

OMG’osh … Look!

almost-card_thumb.jpgWELL … Look at THAT!

I ALMOST made my first card … I’m just waiting for a couple (hundred dollars worth of) supplies to arrive!(!?!)

Oh, if only I still had a pen-pal in Australia …

Tony, where are you???  Winking smile

Card Making Crazy continues …

I spent time this week watching Youtube and scoping blogs for stamping, card making and paper-crafting ideas.  Ah, the internet – such a great way to occupy an insomniac’s mind!stamping-focals

I’m no expert – yet, but I have a decent handle on the stamping, so I made a sheet of focals to color. 

Now, this is where I’ll point out – I should have paid more attention in kindergarten (or maybe it was 7th grade art class?!?) … I’m still getting a handle on the correct substrates for various media (dye vs. pigment inks, water color vs. alcohol markers, and the correct paper type for each … DOH!) 

Anyway – except for the nurse (watercolor brush markers on cardstock, OOPS!), I like my adult coloring!  Winking smilecoloring-stamps

And, Chloe came home this week.  While Ro and I enjoyed our bonding time during Chloe’s sleep-over date, it’s good to have the Cowbell back!  (Our youngest son is home, too!)

Next up – a weekend of ER nursing fun …


New ‘art’ and other news …

I became (re-)obsessed with stamping, coloring and card making this week.  I know … It’s been a strange week!

Ahem … back to card making.  I’ve reorganized those supplies, dusted off my stamp storage, dug in to my water colors, copic markers and distress inks.  So, yeah … MAYBE  I ordered a few more things.  But, I am loving my Tiim Holtz Tonic stamping platform … takes all the guess work out of stamp placement!  Here are my cards, not yet permanently assembled (glued):


And, I’ve turned some plain rubber stamps into foam backed (usable) stamps with the ease of a heat knife (keep google searching until you find the $7.99 version – it’s all you need):

mount-and-cut-stamps   mounting-stamps

My week has been so wild, because our youngest son is away for his 2 week ‘GI Joe adventure’ (reserve duties) while Chloe has been taken over by the ‘Baboons Aszzz’!  I swear I heard it screaming crazy monkey cries one night!  So, she is off to spend some quality time with her boyfriend … in Ohio.  Ro and I are lost without ‘the Cowbell’ … Good thing I have ER nursing this weekend to keep me occupied.



My problem …

WHEN I’m willing to admit there may BE AN ISSUE … And, really – WHY bother diagnosing, if there isn’t any medication or treatment for ‘SAID’ symptoms …

Anyway, I digress … My [‘ALLEGED’] problem may be that I read too many tutorials and discover new ideas well before MUCH NEEDED supplies can arrive.

20180316_033656I am currently the proud owner of 2 GARBAGE BAGS full of MR. CLEAN ERASERS … Now, I’m a tidy gal – as much as the next girl … BUT(!) – Why did I feel compelled to purchase TWO FULL BAGS?!?  Sure – I got a deal(!) – waiting for them to appear via the ‘Slow Boat From China’ … But. WHY?!?  I’m certain there was a nifty crafting project in there, somewhere …

etched-metalsMeanwhile, I’ve moved on … I’m etching copper and brass like a BOSS!  While I wait for some enameling supplies to be delivered.  In the meantime, I could color with pencils, if only my GESSO was here.  And in the BETWEEN-TIME … I’ve watched a few card-stamping videos, so now I have those water-color brush pens coming ….

DANG – I’ will be the best-supplied, white haired, crazy-woman in the homeless shelter of our county!  I keep trying to get DH to play a bit of murrini-making with me …  Good thing my GURLZ love me …




flower-blankLook what I made!  Etched brass, ready for enameling!  Except … I just realized I probably won’t have success with my enamels [I bought Thompson copper enamels vs. low fire (aluminum/brass) enamels] … DOH!

The good news – this etching process works just as well with copper.  Which will be tomorrow’s experiment.  And, maybe I can try the colored-pencil-on-metal-technique with these, while I continue to patiently wait for my latest enameling supplies to arrive. 

Anyway – here are a few process photos and the other etched brass charms I made.

etching-brass electrolytic-setup electrolytic-etching



On the glass front: I will be in mesh-melt mode as I have WAY TOO MUCH scrap glass going on.  Here’s a photo of one of our blanks from years ago and my current scrap ‘collection’ …



And, back to reality …

Paradise was … well ~ PARADISE!  A great sun-filled escape!  We arrived back to find our homestead still standing, all two and four-legged family healthy.  So, unpacked – but still sporting a bit of sunshine color, it’s time to get back into the grind.

While I haven’t fired up my kilns yet, I do have some ideas brewing.  I did some online shopping for a few more needed copper-enameling and metal-etching supplies … I organized my stash of metal wires, and wrapped up a pendant.  I like it!


rainbow-scarf-startedDuring our airline flights, I tried to focus on a bit of double sided knitting (the Rainbow scarf).  Not exactly perfect, but it’s a start.  [Turbulence … not ideal for two-handed knitting!]  If I were one for perfection, I would rip it back … but, nah!  I like the lack of symmetry.  [I don’t, but I don’t like starting over either …]

Leaving with smiling sisters … They’re glad I’m home, too!  I’ve got today to transition back to ER-nurse mode …  [Fingers crossed!] Winking smile



Ahhh … Paradise!



Countdown …

line-drawing-nibBut first, special thanks to JP from Tattered Time and her Garden Stake Whimsy Tutorial.  I love using a nib pen for drawing on glass!  It is so much easier for me to control my lines (vs using a paint brush) – and her recipe for black enamel is well worth the tutorial price.  I haven’t even played with her adorable patterns yet … But, here is my first nib drawing and tonight’s zentangle bulldog (reverse enamel):bulldog-reverse-enamel

rose-ivy-musicI’m working on a few night lights in one of the kilns.  I like this Ivy-Rose-Music shade:

And, I’m moving my jewelry cabs along in stages, in my other kiln.  All while I made a big vat of  ham/potato soup (with spinach, parsnip and snow peas – along with  our standard shredded carrot and green beans) … YUM!


Here are my pendants before assembling (tonight’s task), and a few of my favorites:

cloud-cabs-feb 3-feb-cabs

One more nursing weekend to get through, another couple of days of organizing/cleaning/packing CHAOS before we head off to paradise next week.  I am so ready for this trip!