Birthdays, Card Making & EPIC

Wrapped up all of my mandatory nurse classes last week, YAY!  Got through the weekend shifts, and heard such bizarre complaints, I can’t even mention them… My goodness, but folks are losing coping skills by the bucket-loads! Moving on …

On Tuesday, DH and I made nachos, making the chips (cut tortillas) in the air fryer.  They’re good.  bavarian-cream-hand-piesNot as good as actual frying, but the time saved and healthier benefits outweigh the frying.  And they taste much better than store bought chips!  After dinner, I made Bavarian cream hand pies (photo).  Not bad!  I have a hankering for lemon curd pies next …

I’m in card making mode.  I made DH a birthday card, and I’m working on a ‘welcome baby’ card.

sharkey-card baby-card

I also pulled out my alcohol inks to make a few backgrounds.  So much fun and I love the results!



DH turned 53 this week.  We went out for a nice, low key dinner.  I’ll be making (grilled) swai and veggie foil packets tomorrow when we celebrate with some of the kids.

This afternoon I started playing with my Daniel Smith half pan watercolors.  I hope to stamp a few images on watercolor paper to have on hand …


This weekend starts pup watch for our Giorgana (Georgie).  So I’ll have some down time in the nursery next week.  This weekend is also the EPIC launch at work (should be a fun, stress-free weekend!?)  So, yeah Georgie puppies and a new computer charting system at work … should make for an EPIC WEEKEND! Smile

I’ll leave with a quick photo of our Josie.  She just keeps growing those wrinkles – my beautiful, silly girl! 


Stay sane, Y’all!!!

Hibernating …

I haven’t decided if I’m battling some wimpy bug or just hibernating this week.  But, I’ve been sleeping for long spells, with short periods of consciousness – to eat, peruse the internet and play with cards/paper.  And then – back to sleep …



Tomorrow is going to be a long one, with mandatory work competency 3 (of 4), followed by an ER nurse weekend.  Stay safe, warm and dry y’all during Michigan’s ice storm!


Deadline 2 of 4 & The New Year …

I started the week off by meeting the (latest) new deadline for online work competencies.  Which made the next two weeks mine!  YAY!  We had beautiful skies on Monday, along with some snow fall on Tuesday … I caught photos:


our-air-fryer[DH and] I gifted ourselves with an air fryer – so we spent much of the week learning about the machine and trying recipes: Coconut Shrimp with Pina Colada dipping sauce (and toasted coconut garnish); General Tso’s Chicken (non-spicy); Pork Fried Rice; Berry Cream Cheese Wontons; Eggrolls (Philly Steak & Cheese for him and Shrimp for me); and we tried a recipe from this cookbook.  It was supposed to be Cinnamon Apple Chips, but the amount of salt called for was ridiculous!  And after reading through several more of recipes, with the silly names (‘Feisty Pigs in a Blanket’ – which are simply cocktail weenies wrapped in crescent roll dough.  I’m not sure what’s FEISTY about that …) and multiple typos, I would not recommend the book.


We rang in the New Year with a low-key night of good food and a few games of pool.  I caught a quick photo of the sisters … such party animals  – they could barely keep their eyes open to midnight!  Smile


After this fun-filled ER weekend, I hope to try lemon curd and Bavarian cream hand pies in the air fryer … I’ve done a wee bit of post-holiday shopping, so I’ll be playing with cards next week, too! 

I pulled together a simple card while DH and I were watching (Netflix) The Witcher this evening … And, DH found my giant teddy bear in our storage container – I made him some 18-20 years ago (when I dabbled in sewing) … Time to clean him up and bring him into the house!  Awww …


Have a safe weekend, Y’all!

Major Deadlines … MET!

We made it … All handmade gifts were completed and GIVEN.  I pulled together a few cards (five – to be exact): Four to give to our offspring, to house the cash gifts they all wanted;


Mexican-Frui-CakeAnd one more card for my sister … To go along with the Mexican Fruit Cake for her birthday (12/29) – which was my contribution to the whole (extended)-family-Christmas-Eve-dinner that she hosted (her favorite cake … and Not My Photo).  My sister did an AMAZING job, and I had such a great time!

We wrapped the couple (dozen) gifts to add to the 8 tubs of Christmas Chex Mix (!), made our own Christmas day feast … And we were GOLDEN!!!  … Christmas (Eve and Day) 2019 …  So – YAY … WE DID IT!

Moving on from family celebrations … I’ll begin Deadline 2 (work competency segment  #3 of the year), so I can officially celebrate 2020 … I  totally LOVE meeting DEADLINES … !?!  [I do … once they’re DONE!!] … So I can start playing with glass again!  Happy Holidays Y’all!!!2020

T-5 days …

Actually, I have 2 more days to prepare for Christmas … [Fingers Crossed – but I think we’re looking okay!]   Just a few more items to purchase, projects to complete and gifts to wrap.  And get through an ER nursing weekend.  It’s all good!  We’ll be ready to start the celebrations on Christmas Eve …

paradise2019I’d say I can’t complain too much, as we just got back from Paradise.  With special thanks to our youngest son for keeping the household together, DH and I managed to escape for several days …

Which was wonderful, and a much needed break.  Once we wrap up Christmas, I have to buckle down with some additional work competencies (because twice a year isn’t enough!?!)  Thank you, Epic software!  But that’s next week …

sweet-potato-goat-cheeseWe’ve been doing a bit of cooking, now that we’re home:  I finally got around to making Sweet Potato Gratin with Goat Cheese & Thyme (so yummy!); We tried our hand at making Pineapple Mango Coleslaw (we had it in Jamaica and it was amazing … unfortunately ours did not turn out as well, but it’s pretty!); pineapple-mango-coleslaw

And, we cooked up the (frozen) Thanksgiving turkey carcass for broth and made a sort of clean-the-fridge-of-all-vegetables, enormous stock pot of soup.  DH calls it Meatloaf Soup (although it has no meat in it)! With green and purple cabbage, carrots, red onion, corn, peas, green beans, snap peas, cauliflower, pinto and white beans, scallion, garlic and crushed tomatoes, along with a healthy dash of many herbs … GOOD STUFF! [Loosely based on Turkey Carcass Soup recipes …]


I’ll leave with a few photos of some of our handmade gifts this year (double knitting and fused glass items):


I’ll touch base once I’m producing in the studio again … Merry Christmas y’all!


Happy Thanksgiving …

We had a great Thanksgiving day!  DH and I prepped all we could the night before, including our (now) traditional bacon-wrapped herb-butter turkey, green bean casserole, hanky pankies and spanakopitas (although we didn’t bust into those on Thursday).  On Thanksgiving day, I made my mashup of 3 different Whiskey Apple Stuffing recipes and our family favorite (red skin) mashed potatoes.  Along with a vat of homemade gravy, croissants, pecan and pumpkin pies … What a fea(s)t!  All the kids came and DH and I feel very blessed!


sweet potato gratinOur oldest baby girl surprised us with Sweet Potato Gratin with Goat Cheese.  I love sweet potatoes (DH does not), but didn’t think I liked goat cheese … This stuff is amazing, even DH loves it.  Thank you baby girl ~ and thank you Kalyn!

I had two kilns cooking in the studio for most of the week.  Here are the requested sun-catchers and I moved along some Christmas tree night lights:


sympathy-cardI also put together a beautiful card I’d been itching to make since discovering itVintage Cloche by Grace Rose on Pinterest.

I did a bit of research on Ravelry for my next knitting project … as it’s getting to be that time of year.  I hope to start this hat next week:

I’ll leave with this sunrise photo DH caught this week (Michigan in November), so pretty!  Have a great weekend Y’all ~ and please stay out of the E.R.’s … Winking smile


On The Mend …

Both physically and creatively – with baby steps! 

I must not have been successful at the dodging-and-weaving game with our swarm of flu/URI-crud patients last weekend in the E.R. … I’ve been fighting sinus pain/snot and body aches this week – the best way I know:  Lots of vitamin C (orange juice), strong heart-pawmedicine (ummm, maybe vodka), and loads of sleep.  I crashed hard for 15+ hours yesterday!  And woke feeling almost human … Yay!!!

So, this evening I worked on  a special request glass project (will be ornaments/sun catchers once complete).  Here’s the design, and the glass discs waiting for the kiln/step 2.


foiling-bdayAnd then I wanted to do something with cards.  So, I opted to try making my own toner sheet with our laser printer to foil a die cut ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment.  It was pretty successful,  and I like the cut-out centers too …  I hope to bust out some stamp sets and do a bit of (copic) coloring soon.

making-my-own-toner-sheet  foilded-bday-cards

One of our 2-legged babies has asked for potato soup, so DH and I are cooking up a full ham dinner (ham, cheesy potatoes, vegetable medley) later today.  Then we can whip up a batch of the much-loved soup, all before Thanksgiving and the crazy feast we make to celebrate that day!  (I know, the sacrifices we make for our kids …  Smile )

Leaving with a cute photo of Miss Linda Blue, who is 7 months old now.  Such a lovable  little bug! heart-emoji



A Quiet Week …

After Michigan’s first snowfall of the season (Monday) and a stressful weekend at work, I decided on a low energy, restful week.  We made some comfort foods (nachos, mostaccioli and quesadillas), played with pups and talked about Christmas plans.  I made a card and moved some dichro cabs along:

my-plaid-card    dichro-cabs-11-16 

yummyOn a positive note from last weekend – one of my coworkers introduced me to my new favorite snack food.  It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!  So, I ordered several bags (thank you Amazon!).  Even DH likes it!

Armed with my Snack Factory pretzels, it’s time for another fun-filled ER weekend.  [Fingers crossed!]  Have a great weekend y’all …

I’m Not Dead … Yet ;)

Sorry for the really long lapse between postings.  The reasons are varied, but combine busy-overload bday2019with creative funk, along with a bit of cleaning and reorganizing.  And … officially entering my 5th decade of life.  OUCH!

My family knows me so well … And they all came to celebrate with dinner and cake at our favorite restaurant.  Unfortunately, DH cut Grandpa T out of the photo, but here is a pic of the rest of our gang (also minus the photographer – DH…).  I feel so blessed!


Creamy-Tortellini-SoupThen DH and I tried a new soup recipe – Spinach Sausage Tortellini Soup.  I thought I’d love it, but … no.  I’m not sure who likes giant pasta clots in their soup.  I now know tortellini is not for me! [Not my photo]

We had some craziness this summer/fall with many puppies arriving all at once.  It was a challenge and a test of our years of whelping/caring for canine skills/knowledge, and I hope to never be tested that way again … Our moms and pups did great and we our down to our last baby, named Brutus (Beefcake).  Here he is ‘striking a pose’ for the camera.


I did a bit of stamping this week.  I’m really trying to get my stamps organized in a user-friendly format. It’s an ongoing work in progress …  Here I’m trying the WRMK stamping-11-8stamp press with turnabout stamps … not so successful.  (In my head, it made perfect sense … still not sure why it failed to automatically line up!  Doh!)  And – you can see a bit of the new shelf that runs along the middle of my large work table, adding more ready-to-use items in a somewhat organized fashion …

I have also prepped a dozen spoon rests, cut for night lights (rainbow and Christmas trees – no photo) and worked on a special request badge reel (Certified Vet Tech) … neat!

sprst-november   cvt-cabs

As part of my birthday present, I have a crate of my most-used fusible glass on its way.  Being 50 um … 29(!) has some perks!  Smile  Thank you, DH!

Next up – a weekend of ER nursing fun.  Hugs Y’all!  heart-emoji

Mildly progressive …

Yep – I’ve been a mildly progressive  BUM this week!  I was helping DH with our pups, moving along stamp identification, making glass, cooking – oh, and catching the last rays of summer sunshine!  [While Monday was cooler temps – so far we’re 5/5 days in the pool and I hope to add one more day TODAY!  Gotta love our pool cover with Indian summers!]

It was a good week!  Here are some photos.  Chicken stir fry (loosely based on this recipe – thank you Sara!); bulldog LOVE; Halloween-requests (more to come); and Neo babies!


We have an old shed on our property that was taken over by a GIANT HIVE OF BEES … DH called the Magic Bee Family (a local listing he found in our area, with my own magical name) – a father and son crew who came and rehomed the entire hive!  Thank you Magic men!!!