Because I Knew …

tiaraI knew I needed a tetanus shot, so OBVIOUSLY the best way to get that is to swan dive out of one’s pool to perform a [9.3 … 9.1 …9.6 … 9.2 … 9.4 – the judges have scored …] FACE-PLANT onto a cement paver outside of said pool.  Yep, that tetanus shot was mine, ALL MINE!  [Yes, that was a wee few hours after my last post … here is a photo of happy me, in my anniversary tiara, just minutes before …]

Now all up to date on my immunizations, I am sporting an incredibly sexy burger stamp on my forehead, along with two quite colorful eyes …. Oh and that magical eyeshadow is just starting!   I have a rainbow of shades to go through … AWWW!

burger   black-eyes

So, yeah … I knew.  Just like I know I’m having family out later this week to celebrate birthdays.  Because timing is EVERYTHING!!!  Oh Y’all …. just DOH!

What do you think of this look … Too OBVIOUS???


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