Still Kicking …

We had family out to celebrate birthdays at what I lovingly referred to as the ‘Meat Party’ … We served beef ribs, homegrown chicken and rabbit … Doh!  (Along with many, many sides…)  I decorated with zinnias from my garden.


20220902_154808Speaking of which, that garden is still producing! I’m pretty sure I will end with 10 gallons of tomatoes before summer is over.  We continue to harvest beans, and now we have watermelon.  Along with one lone sunflower, as ‘critters’ ate the other seeds right out of the pots!


20220831_104223I wrapped up a ‘dot’ project (diamond painting) and my sister gave me a GINORMOUS one 45×85 cm (… which is almost 18 x34 inches)!  I plan to have it on display at my funeral some day (no photo yet – I’m too young) …

DH sanded and refinished the floors with a bit of help (thank you Mason and Josh!).  They look great and we are STILL moving furniture and tchotchkes back.

20220830_160433  20220830_160425

Finally, we picked up some peepers (six Cornish X chickens [SKOS – first mentioned HERE] and a couple of guinea fowl).  It will be interesting to see what we decide to do with the guineas as the weather turns … but we have them!!!  Doh!


Love and hugs Y’all!  Winking smile

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