Murrini, Funshine & Pups

I used some of our 96 murrini to make a couple of pendants.  They’re cute (!) and they proved to me they are fire-safe/stable.  So – check for cane listings in our shop and on our FB page!  And, it’s that time… Read More

Staying Busy …

Pretty busy week here at Clayton Hill … Our Tubby had babies on Monday!  Strong, healthy tawny and blue pups … and Mom!  All are doing great!  Miss Tubitha likes her some food, she does!  Which is a blessing – as she… Read More

Countdown, checklists, gardening …

So, the countdown for the twins’ open-house is in full swing.  Menu has been determined, multiple negotiations for set-up and décor have occurred, deep-cleaning is about to begin … Oh, how I love being Martha Stewart!  [Umm, NOT! –  but I’m proud… Read More

Well YEAH – There’s that …

Yes!  My studio still needs cleaning, but … I have a whole mid-size kiln shelf of hot cabs just waiting for ‘GLAMOUR’ … So, you know – thank goodness I didn’t put all those frit jars away! But, wait – there’s more. … Read More

Christmas in July/August, Pup Watch and Oh …

Did I mention – I’M ON VACATION!  And – have you seen that MOON?   While we aren’t traveling anywhere – so it’s a working vacation – still, I’m HAPPY!  (THAT MOON!!!  Whew!  SOO glad I’m not in the ER right now …)… Read More

WTH is THAT?!?

We’re settling into a good routine around here with the kids and dogs and pups … BTW – for all you Michigan folks – fair warning … the twins are now driving.  Granted – not alone yet – so we’re all still… Read More

Of Course …

Of course it’s starting now(!) … My Neapolitan Mastiff mom has started stage one of labor – on Saturday, when I have to go to work.  And – WE were going to see the new Batman movie … but now, ‘Fatty’ and… Read More

Die-Hard Sun-Worshipper

You know you’re a Magda-wanna-be/die-hard sun-worshipper if … you found yourself in the pool this afternoon in Michigan – just in time for the threatening clouds to unload, as they had been promising to do all afternoon.  Yep – that was me. … Read More

Where does the time go???

Where’d the week go?  Can’t believe it’s Friday already!  Big family shin-dig to celebrate my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary later today … No studio time – but good family time. I have been producing in the studio.  Still on a pendant/badge reel… Read More

Win, lose or … draw!

Had some successes, a failure(!) and slow, but steady progress in the studio: My square bowls … wouldn’t fit in my production kiln, so ‘energy-conscious’ gal that I am, I loaded the coffin up.  I will now, [eventually] be making three square… Read More