Oh, I did It Again …

Yep, I sure did.  I’m not sure how much mileage I can garnish from 31 years of marriage … BUT, I AM GOING FOR IT!!!  (Our anniversary is coming up … 8/11/90!  Thirty-one years of wedded bliss!  OMGosh!!!)

A few weeks ago (the Twin’s birthday), BabyGirl asked about doing ceramics – making a mug, or some such thing.  Amazingly enough, I had already begun to research this medium.  I felt I had many of the needed pieces of equipment, and … I was curious.

And so, I wished my oldest a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (You go, girlfriend!!!)   And now, masquerading as my anniversary gift(s) … I have the needed missing elements on their way to me!  [Yep – I did it again!]

I’ll show photos once all the missing ceramic bits get here – eventually.  But – I’m not done yet …

DOH!  What?!?  Nope … Not done yet!

I’m interested (and always have been) in hydroponics … So, yeah – we’re looking into that too!

I have SO many photos to share – it’s RIDICULOUS.  My garden is JAMMING; My Neo pups are getting SO BIG; My meat chickens (did we talk about those?) – are spending time outside everyday; My ceramic studio (yep, full studio) is on it’s way TO ME; My next endeavor with hydroponics: The books are here, the research has begun – It’s really just a matter of time now … DOH!

Meanwhile – don’t feel bad for DH.  He has eaten well!  We are eating fresh from the garden daily.  I have cucumbers, squash, beans, dill, basil, parsley and mint daily … Our tomatoes and chamomile are close for picking; Our melons and winter squash keep growing; I’m keeping an eye on the eggplant – which seems to have stalled … It’s okay!

BECAUSE … I’m on vacation!  I’m planning on plenty of pool days over the next little bit.  I’ve been taking photos … I’m making swamp juice (umm, I mean SANGRIA); I’ll be making ceramic mugs SOON! And – I’ll probably share a photo or two from the kitchen, the pool, the coop or the Neo den!  Winking smile

This will be a non-photo post … Sorry.  But the next post – all pictures!!!

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