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So, it must be that time of year …

That’s my excuse, anyway.  I’m scouring, learning and obsessing over jewelry making again.  (In the non-fused glass, non-chain-maille sort of way …)  This means I have a new wholesale account with yet another company … (Um, no actual purchases yet, just a… Read More

Possibilities …

Have spent a good amount of time learning the ins-and-outs of CorelDRAW, vectors, masks, more advanced photo-manipulation, filters … ‘til I thought my head might spin.  But it’s all good.  It’s ruminating around in there and I’ll eventually figure it all out…. Read More

Oops – I’m doing it again …

I apparently can’t help it and I don’t THINK there’s a med for it …  I’m scoping out a new hobby and chomping at the bit!  Since DH has put a temporary kibosh on the ‘L’ addition to the studio (so –… Read More

When all else fails …

Revert to what you love … for me, it’s discovering new hobbies (or spending money, according to DH)!  So, I’ve just placed an order.  I will be playing with the ‘art of papermaking’ … I’ve always had a thing for specialty paper… Read More


So, the night ended on an upbeat note … Even though I was tag-team REPRIMANDED by my spouse AND my accountant!  I’m SUPPOSED to watch my spending next year … Um, Yeah – OKAY … Says these two DAY WALKERS.  When I… Read More

Squawkers galore …

Sienna started having her pups about 3 hours after my last post.  I quickly recognized that we were in for the ‘all day’ plan .. so Tuesday was spent reassuring mom; catching babies, tying umbilical cords; enticing Mom with vanilla ice cream,… Read More

The lists … now and later

Up at 5:30 this morning, armed with coffee and bagel … ready to plan for the ‘week’.  The twins (my babies) turn 14 this week.  And leave for camp this weekend.  So shopping and packing top the list.  Mattie’s babies are moving… Read More

A New Endeavor … ?

Maybe … but for me, it starts with books – so, I’ve just ordered a few: I’ve always said that someday I want a hobby farm … not a lot of animals, but definitely chickens, a couple of pigs, goats, and maybe… Read More