A New Endeavor … ?

Maybe … but for me, it starts with books – so, I’ve just ordered a few:

I’ve always said that someday I want a hobby farm … not a lot of animals, but definitely chickens, a couple of pigs, goats, and maybe a cow.

We’ll start with chickens … so starts the research phase: Building a great coop, food, learning about their diseases/illness, types of chickens, etc.  It’s not that I’m egg-crazy, but I do like the idea of organic … and the Neo’s will love them, I’m sure (… the eggs – not the chickens!)

Now that the last of our Neo pups have joined their new families, I have a little more free time.  And with my kiln loaded and running … it’s time to research.

When the time comes, I’ll start with standard, Michigan-hardy chickens, but … aren’t they cute?  Smile


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