Zeus Bigelow … ???

Yesterday was a long day for me – but overall, a good one.

We brought our new member of the family home – racing against the clock, so that I could make it to work on-time … all while dealing with the fact that he isn’t too keen on riding in the car right now.  The good news – I made it to work, with 3 minutes to spare.  The even better news … we love our new addition.

We’re thinking ‘Zeus Bigelow’ for his name, as DH is hung up on Zeus, and he (the pup) will hopefully be our next Neapolitan stud.  Thus, a ‘life of Riley’, with little to do but perfect the art of procreating … some day.  We’ll see – time will tell.

In the meantime, he’s our baby … And we’re cooing and carrying on with him as we did our human babes …

Zeus says ‘Hi everyone!’ … Happy Easter!!


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