Month: May 2011

Pressed Jewels … ???

I’ve been busy taking pictures … And now I will be uploading items to the shops over the next several days.  In the meantime, I need to name each item.  This isn’t usually a problem, but … this bowl is giving me… Read More

Happy Memorial Day …

I could do a lot of (justified) whining and griping about this weekend … but why bother?  It doesn’t change anything … So – instead … I will wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day(!) … be thankful for so many things …… Read More

It’s Puppy Time …

Whew … Sienna’s pups have made their grand entrance – fashionably late … At 2am Sienna finally entered the last stages of labor – and she wasn’t happy about it.  We paced the floors, went outside, came back in, paced some more… Read More

Still holding …

Sienna and I have had long talks now on the importance of relaxing, thinking ‘open thoughts’ … and when those didn’t seem to have any effect, we talked about how much better she would feel is she just dropped a load!  Still… Read More

‘Crabby Sue’ … Weekend Wrap Up

That was me this weekend … I need to apologize (again) to my co-workers.  A week of too little sleep had me too short-tempered to be around.  The bad news … I don’t see any additional sleep coming this week – as… Read More

What a difference a day makes …

Mattie is doing much better … I finally got a decent block of sleep … life is settling into a nice routine.  We’re still supplementing the pups, but it’s totally do-able.  Sienna is nesting … looks like DH may have called this… Read More

Puppy News …

The puppies are here … and so begins my next-level-watch.  I take the night shift (big surprise – I put that insomnia to good use) … The pups are doing great.  Momma Mattie is having a hard time of it.  So I’m… Read More

Weekend Wrap-Up, Pup watch – and glass

A strange weekend … Volume wasn’t out of control, but the cases were complex, along with some strange non-emergency complaints (“Can’t sleep” … does that qualify for an ER visit?  Then I should live in the ER!), and the ever-present flu.  Also… Read More

Kids …

The two-legged kind … Are they supposed to do more than give you grief?  There are things that I accept … 1) I came from a crummy childhood – my birth mother is FAR from June Cleaver (more like Joan Crawford);  2)… Read More

Spockula … and glass

Poor, poor Zeus … DH was ‘intrigued’ with the idea of having a Neo with cropped ears … so, we had it done.  I’m feeling so bad for my little guy right now … He’s still an absolute sweetheart, but he looks… Read More