‘Crabby Sue’ … Weekend Wrap Up

crabbyThat was me this weekend … I need to apologize (again) to my co-workers.  A week of too little sleep had me too short-tempered to be around.  The bad news … I don’t see any additional sleep coming this week – as we are still on pup-watch with Sienna, supplemental feeding Mattie’s pups and keeping a close eye on Mattie’s caloric intake.  The good news is – they say identifying the problem is half the battle … ???

Meanwhile, in the studio … my coffin has been busy.  Had my slump-run: Some nice things, some things that have potential and some things that will be re-worked.  Photo of projects I like below.  The coffin is cooling down from a bottle slump now – as I purchased a new wine bottle bowl mold and flat mold I was eager to try (photos to come later …).  Once the coffin cools, I’ll be reloading it to do a flattening/de-bubble run. 


Now that we’ve entered warmer weather, I’m finding I am selective about the time of day I run the coffin.  It’s no fun to work in the studio when it’s 100 degrees … with frequent insomnia while trying to maintain some semblance of day-shift hours – that timing thing is tricky!

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