Month: April 2011

Domestic Goddess …

Yep – that’s me.  At least today it is … I’ve cleaned the kitchens (both), scrubbed sinks and toilets (and beat the battle with the rust stains and whatever other things were in there???) … scrubbed candle jars (since I want to… Read More

It’s Official – I’m ‘Out-There’ …

Yeah – probably that too, but what I’m specifically referring to … my site is published!  YAY!!  Here’s the link:  I know – it’s not complete yet (the shop), the gallery format leaves a little to be desired, and you have… Read More

A New Endeavor … ?

Maybe … but for me, it starts with books – so, I’ve just ordered a few: I’ve always said that someday I want a hobby farm … not a lot of animals, but definitely chickens, a couple of pigs, goats, and maybe… Read More

Zeus Bigelow … ???

Yesterday was a long day for me – but overall, a good one. We brought our new member of the family home – racing against the clock, so that I could make it to work on-time … all while dealing with the… Read More

It’s raining, it’s pouring

But I’ll take it over snow, anyday! This post is a work-in-progress – like so many things in life … to be followed-up-upon later. It’s 2am.  I’ve had such a ‘highs and lows’ kind of day:  Major insomnia, combined with web design… Read More

Good news/Bad news …

So – the good news is … I am plunging forward with my own fused glass website – php, MySQL, CSS and all.  ‘Course it’s very time consuming, as I barely understand what I’m doing, but that’s ok … when my head… Read More

Weekend wrap up … life is hard

My Sunday school teacher says “Gettin’ old isn’t for wimps …”  How true!  This weekend proved over and over how the human body can go through some painful processes … Tracheal erosions with large volume bleeding; cancer-produced fistulas (connections) from rectum to… Read More

Off to work I go …

I’m continuing to produce here in the studio … dichro pieces, blanks, nursing stuff … Now it’s time to take a break and actually be a nurse, dang it! Hoping for a smooth weekend … silly, I know, but … it could… Read More

Studio news … I’m on a roll

So it took some doing – a self-imposed time out, locked in my studio – but now I’m on a roll.  I have badge reels and nursing-specific ideas flowing like crazy, my production kiln is kicking, I have bottles soaking for scrubbing,… Read More

Boys … arrrggghh!

I’m less than thrilled with the majority of the men-folk in my life right now … Spent several hours in the ER last night, as DH felt like his throat was swelling (after Benadryl and Motrin).  I’m happy to say – all… Read More