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I’m running out of time!

Arrgghh!  But – what else is new???  … It’s ok …  See how well the [almost older, and OBVIOSLY wiser] me can handle frustration like that?  Yeah, well … I’m working on it.  Here’s what we have up next: Christmas plate for… Read More

29 … and holding?

Happy Birthday to me!  I’d say I had a great 17th anniversary of my 29th birthday, but … It started out perfect.  Playing in the studio with the Mongrels and Gustifer, working on bowls and ornaments, followed by a dinner with the… Read More

Nothing to do but plow through …

Lots going on … I turned 29 (again! … A few more of these birthdays, and I’ll be able to skip straight to social security); we had puppies(!!!); got through a weekend (work) tour with a particularly tough case; and we continue… Read More

Busy, Busy – Birthday, Birthday

It’s been a busy week:  Monday was … well, MONDAY (‘nuff said!); Tuesday we had early morning wake-up to get to Metro (pups did great! New family in MS and VT) and visited with my grandparents; Today, the Twins turned 16!!!  To… Read More

Birthdays, chores and studio news

Happy Birthday to DH!  And to celebrate his special day … we’re painting the living room.  Two tons of fun, let me tell you.  But we’ll be having Christmas (with my dad) here in just a little bit, so we’ve got to get… Read More

Another one bites the dust …

Have passed through another year of life … DH likes to say I’m catching up to him.  ‘Course I point out he’ll always be OLDER!  So far, it’s been [another] busy, productive week:  Made candles; went to Metro; spent time catching up/celebrating… Read More

Happy Birthday Old Guy …

WWU: Lots of feast to famine this weekend.  Sunday night started as SRO in my little ER – I don’t think I stopped running (ok, ‘walking briskly’) until 1130-12mn … infant IV’s, conscious sedation for dislocations, cellulitis requiring admission, kidney stones, arrhythmias… Read More

Post-Birthday Blues

So, I’ve rolled into my 42nd year of life with a head cold and messed-up back … [WHINE] But, I have great coworkers and family who leave me feeling loved.  Had an awesome potluck at work, received a major contribution of glass… Read More

Someday …

I may just write a book … full of bizarre ER stories – so insane, that no one will believe them … But in the meantime, I’ll just shake my head and marvel at what people do and say … I’m getting… Read More

Babies’ Birthday

Had some fun with the birthday kids (the twins) the other day.  I have my son convinced [and dreading the fact] that he’s getting a sewing machine and my daughter is getting a tow bar (a ‘man-gift’ … I panicked and that’s… Read More