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Down, but not out …

I’m working through a weird virus that has me sleeping most of my week away … Headache and body aches even through Motrin, when I’m awake.  I’m feeling better today (only needed a 3 hour mid-day nap), so I’m on the mend… Read More

Busy, Busy – Birthday, Birthday

It’s been a busy week:  Monday was … well, MONDAY (‘nuff said!); Tuesday we had early morning wake-up to get to Metro (pups did great! New family in MS and VT) and visited with my grandparents; Today, the Twins turned 16!!!  To… Read More

We interrupt this program …

For a few different reasons:  1) To wish my babies (the twins) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  15 years old today … Wow – time flies.  To celebrate, we’ll hit our favorite family restaurant tonight, and I will quietly endure their teenage pool party later… Read More