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Moo Goo Gai Pan & Studio Work …

Like much of my cooking, what started out as a small meal turned into enough to feed an army (squad – at least!) … I had a hankering for some stir-fry veggies, stumbled on this Moo Goo Gai Pan recipe (DH loves… Read More

Broken wing = moving slow

But, enjoying the moments!  From a studio standpoint, I can only push my right arm so far … So, it’s pre-cut busy work for me.  [And a promise to clean my studio … um, tomorrow!]  My sweet sister sent me this beautiful… Read More

Why Directions (STILL) Don’t Apply to Me …

Not sure … I’m getting over being sick?  Or, maybe I’m actually MALE – and I just don’t know it??  It’s certainly not because I’m too smart, cuz I STILL haven’t learned my lesson! Exhibit A – my Evil Queen spoon rest:  Looks good – ready… Read More

L.A.M. –

Life After Maggie … is tougher than I was prepared for.  I didn’t realize I’d be grieving this much.  And it hits me at strange times throughout the day/night.  But, I haven’t cried today, so I feel like I’m advancing through the… Read More

Goodnight Magnolia Rose …

Thank you! My Angel … My Brat … My Peanut Buttercup … My Fat Butt … We ended things our way – and I have to thank you, again, for that! 

Before it begins …

Let me just take a moment to say ~ regardless of how shameless it is … I love how varied my Etsy shop listings are looking right now.  And – public awareness moment:  We have only 55 days until Christmas … Just… Read More

Dogs = Good Therapy!

Crummy day!  Started with a wake-up SANE call … yeah, my favorite.  Spent way too many hours ‘debating’* with police agencies on behalf of my patient, ending several hours later with a temporary ‘truce’ – before I start again tomorrow … [*one… Read More


Ahh … peace and quiet.  The fam is all out of the house for a few hours, my chores are done – for the moment … how wonderful!  We had a beautiful day, weather-wise … teaser Michigan weather, which means an ice… Read More

Certified – or certifiable … ???

Thank you Lord!  I have successfully completed the mandatory GENE training (Geriatric Emergency Nurse Education) … What does this mean?  I can spout random statistics, irrelevant factoids and common sense issues regarding elderly patients.  Thank goodness!  I feel like I’m a better… Read More

Happy Birthday Little Ones …

Monet (NayNay) had her babies this morning … such tiny little things, but with strong lungs!    We have 4 more ‘Doberman Mice’ in the house today, 2 boys and 2 girls.  And, they’re all latching on and nursing well – a… Read More