But – not what I’m supposed to be doing … Yeah, well – we’ll get to that.*

I made cards.  Bona fide, ready-for-giving greeting cards!


And, I’m playing with up-next designs.  I stumbled on some of my long-ago handmade paper (from 6 years ago!) – and decided it would be a great background for a hand-crafted card!  I definitely want to play again with paper-making.  Hmmm …handmade-paper  pug-card

I have a few new stamped images going: Bulldogs, another ‘Magda’ (in watercolors) and I had to stamp/color this Yorkie (alcohol inks) …

bully-stamp latest-coloring yorkie-alcohol-ink-coloring

I had to reorganize a bit of space, to squeeze in some much-needed storage.  So, here are ‘The Sisters’ supervising my new copper enameling shelving set-up.


*[What I should be doing is finishing our tax prep!  Gah … Our appointment is on Monday.  Ehhh, there’s still time! Winking smile ]


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