Long day …

but ending it in my studio – so, you know – a GOOD day.

Started in the early A.M., so that my curly hair could air dry, and I could TRY to look presentable (still haven’t figured out why I bother …???).  Anyway, had to go to a social function related to my SANE job.  It was very nice (I received an award on behalf of crime victims), just not my thing … Within minutes of getting home, changing out of ‘dress clothes’ and back into sweats, chugging coffee (to counteract the A.M. bit) – I was in the studio …

My dichro cabs (bling pieces) have made their way to the kiln – fusing as I type; I’m working out which mold I want to slump my recycled bottle project in … so far so good – I still like it;  And, I’ve added ‘fishing line’ to the next grocery list, so that I can hang my ‘lil sun-catcher:

april-cabs bottle-bowl bottle-sun-catcher

And … I finally got around to playing with paper … made two 12 inch pieces out of really old (non-existent now) bank statements.  They’re still drying, but it’s quick and fun … and I  have more ideas/playing to do …

recycled-paper    recycled-blue-paper

I’m hopeful I’ll sleep well tonight (no insomnia, please!) so that I can roll into the weekend as a happy (pleasant?) ER nurse … Hey, it could happen!  Smile

praying hands

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