Month: May 2012

No Sunshine, but solitude … ???

Almost!  We’ve been adopted by yet another couple.  This time, a pair of Barn Swallows has ‘moved-in’ … right on my side porch (outside the kitchen).  They sure are a vocal pair and I’m not loving their choice of summer homes!  I… Read More

Ahhhh … Sunshine and Solitude

DH is out manning the tractor, cutting hay … The kids are in school, for a few more days before they wrap up another academic year – and Summer break begins … I can hear the bickering now. But for today, it’s… Read More

Win, lose or … draw!

Had some successes, a failure(!) and slow, but steady progress in the studio: My square bowls … wouldn’t fit in my production kiln, so ‘energy-conscious’ gal that I am, I loaded the coffin up.  I will now, [eventually] be making three square… Read More

Back in my studio …

Had a full day out and about, but ending with some happy time in the studio.  Went to the crime lab ‘Meet & Greet’ … imagine a room full of SANE nurses, social workers and a few lawyers against one lone crime… Read More


Both the good and bad kind: The good:  I am in love with this – a Wireless Photo Upload card … I realize I take a lot of pictures – between dogs, kids, puppies, family and my fused glass/crafts.  I’ve never understood… Read More

WWU – I work with some Nutty Nurses …

Of course, that means the night is NEVER dull, but … Wow!  Meet Buddy, our ‘team mascot’ for the last shift of my weekend.  Some nurses consider ANYTHING a patient gives them as a precious gift to be treasured … even PARASITIC BUGS!  [An… Read More

But Maaa – I don’t wanna ….

I’m on such a productive roll in the studio – I don’t wanna go back to work, darn it! [Arms crossed with pouty face!] I have pictures:  Finally got some badge reel photos taking in prep for listing in the shops:  … Read More

Beading Expert … Oh YEAH!

My bracelet is DONE!  And, while I can’t say that I ‘enjoyed the process’ so much ( – more like a dedicated, JONESING addict meets Determined Insomniac) … it’s DONE – and I LIKE IT!!!  So much so, that I wore it… Read More

So far – so good …

Cuz INSOMNIA is my friend!!! It’s all good!  I’ve started my peacock bracelet … it was touch and go there for a bit, as I struggled to interpret/decipher ‘beading language’ and FOCUS really old eyes on tiny ‘lil beads, but I like… Read More

Possessed …

But, you know, in a good way!  Came upon a few inspiring images and caught ‘a fever’.  I’m working on a peacock platter, fused mosaic style.  Here’s the rough lay-out.  Now to decide on the mosaic border – clear irid, pale yellow… Read More