Month: April 2012


I don’t do whining.  Can’t stand it.  When a voice hits a certain octave, my lip snarls – all on it’s own.  This is not a good ER nurse trait … I worked with a great crew this weekend, and it was… Read More

Long day …

but ending it in my studio – so, you know – a GOOD day. Started in the early A.M., so that my curly hair could air dry, and I could TRY to look presentable (still haven’t figured out why I bother …???). … Read More

Trumped! I win …

Caught in my cross-hairs and so TOTALLY mine!!! I’ve got DH (umm – by the short hairs) … He’s completely PIQUED by my planted-seed of building an ‘L’ (addition) on the studio. This means more ‘downstairs’ room for him … AND –… Read More

Flop, but it’s ok …

It’s all valuable learning … I continue to putter and play with recycled bottle pieces … The vase experiment was a total flop.  Oops – totally wrong temperatures.  I’m giving up trying that again (for now) as I think it’s a lost cause… Read More

Experiment Central …

I apologize for the poorly connected, flight-of-ideas-style of my last post.  Apparently writing (and proofing) while medicated isn’t the best idea … My kilns have been busy (thus, me too) with experiments.  Some with promise, others – not so much.  But let’s… Read More

Back to “Rollin’ in the Deep …”

Oh yeah, it’s TOTALLY an Adele song … but it’s what I’m doin’.   My kilns (count them – TWO!) are BOTH running.  DH is sleeping, I’m wide awake … It’s what I’m USED to … My little Yogi-Bear is going to the vet… Read More

When all else fails …

Revert to what you love … for me, it’s discovering new hobbies (or spending money, according to DH)!  So, I’ve just placed an order.  I will be playing with the ‘art of papermaking’ … I’ve always had a thing for specialty paper… Read More

Internalizing – It’s what ER nurses do … ?!?

At least it’s what THIS one is doing … While I don’t hold a 4 year degree specific to psychology, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on … I’m currently experiencing a full-fledged acne break-out – like some 13 year old kid… Read More

Not perfect … not even close

But then, I never claimed to be … I do strive to be a good person.  And I’m a tough-love kind of mom.  With all of my years in the ER – witnessing trauma, tragedy and poor-choice outcomes – how can I… Read More

Adele + Chinese Food = Good Medicine

Have spent the past week slowly trying to work through a huge family mess (BTW – have I cursed the Evil Biologic recently?  Yes? … Okay, well, here’s another  – %@#^*!!!) … Thus, not much going on in the studio.  Had it not… Read More