I don’t do whining.  Can’t stand it.  When a voice hits a certain octave, my lip snarls – all on it’s own.  This is not a good ER nurse trait … I worked with a great crew this weekend, and it was pointed out several times how much more tolerant they are … Hmmm.  I’ll try to work on that …

huddle meetingMy own whine:  Our institution has taken up their own version of the WalMart Team Meeting … every Monday I have to sit through this (WITHOUT snarling!!!)!  Where philosophical (B.S.) quotes, ‘important’ tidbits of “pertinent facts”, future process changes, etc., are read to us – like we’re kindergarteners – unable to make out the big words on our own.  After 48 hours of nursing fun, too little sleep and general fatigue – I can’t begin to tell you how much I detest these gatherings.  But I dutifully endure them, and clap and cheer “Goooooo TEAM!” at the end of every one … so that I may give report to the oncoming shift and GO HOME(!) …

Where my studio awaits … Smile

The (studio) week ahead:  Will continue to play with paper making; will grind and process the next stage of my dichro cabs; will figure out what new project to focus on with the production kiln; and will research an interest/idea … Stone Engraving!  (How cool!)  I want an ‘address boulder’ at the end of my driveway …

recycled-newspaper     cabs-fired    question mark IIIstone engraving  engraved boulder

But for now … my weekend is over, my bones are aching and my hot tub is calling me …

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