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Pressed Flowers …

Cuz, you know – I had to look into it.  Pretty cool!  Quick, easy and should look great in my papers … I walked around the yard, collecting bits of Spring flowers and interesting leaves: Then popped my samples into this ‘lil… Read More


I don’t do whining.  Can’t stand it.  When a voice hits a certain octave, my lip snarls – all on it’s own.  This is not a good ER nurse trait … I worked with a great crew this weekend, and it was… Read More

When all else fails …

Revert to what you love … for me, it’s discovering new hobbies (or spending money, according to DH)!  So, I’ve just placed an order.  I will be playing with the ‘art of papermaking’ … I’ve always had a thing for specialty paper… Read More