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What a week!

And it’s only Wednesday … Oy Vay!  Woke up from my ‘nap’ on Monday to find my main/house computer dying.  So, I spent most of Tuesday trying to fix it, before accepting probable death and sending it off to the repair store… Read More

Trauma is serious business …. but wine is better!

I understand that trauma is serious – critical even.  But Jeeze-Louise … After spending some 10 hours (starting in the very bright and early [0600] AM) with a few ENA (Emergency Nurse Association)-cloned TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course) over-the-top instructors … Yuck! … Read More

Canadian Flu ….

AKA – the CRUD that keeps on giving!  Some time ago I posted about a URI (cold) that I had.  I still have it.  It has been renamed, to give credit to its maker.  Yep, about 6 weeks ago, I worked with… Read More

Frit play …

What once started as an ‘oops’ project is now being trialed intentionally … a bright peacock spoon rest: And platters: Snowmen, Bon Appetite and Pumpkin Patch … yep, it’s a Creative Paradise (molds) kind of day.  Fingers crossed that I set my… Read More

I am now the proud owner …

Of 3 gallons of my best-ever hearty Chicken Noodle Soup.  Complete with water chestnuts (I’m allergic to celery), parsnip, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, corn, pea-pods … heavy on the onion, garlic and cream (all with magical healing powers), with a pinch of shredded… Read More

Glass-On + Viral Overload = Huckleberry

Or – SLOW MOVING … But, it’s moving, so I’m not going to gripe. OK, I am gonna whine.  But – ya know – I’m NOT calling an ambulance … So, in my saintly-stoic/virally-saturated-world – while I patiently wait for the meningitis to consume… Read More

What to do when you can’t go to glass expo/Vegas …

Spring Cleaning … Also known as: What to do when you are avoiding grown-up responsibilities (although, I DID get my nursing competencies done … and – hey,  I have 6 [count THEM … S-I-X !!!] more DAYS until taxes are DUE! …… Read More

The Man from … NUNKE

So, long story short … we still watch Swamp People here at Clayton Hill (… and we still haven’t done any gator-hunting, and we’re STILL big Landry fans!).  This week, DH (actually) said HE would like someone to call him Nunke (however,… Read More

Staying warm and slowly producing …

Not much to report on this week in the studio, but I am moving a few pieces along … Custom request dichroic badge reels are a tad trickier to create without running water.  Fortunately, I’m married to a handy guy who keeps lots… Read More

Watching grass grow …

That’s about how exciting surgical recovery is, on a day to day basis … for me.  [No offense to lawn maintenance operators …]  Or, more accurately, waiting for skin to grow (incisions to heal) … exciting stuff, I tell you!  Or, it… Read More