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Having a clean studio ROCKS!!!

I have three kilns running and more projects planned.  What a productive week … I worked on some jewelry, wrapping up a custom cab order.  Here’s a double dichro dragonfly pendant moving along (in the kiln now for a fire-polish) and a… Read More

Frit play …

What once started as an ‘oops’ project is now being trialed intentionally … a bright peacock spoon rest: And platters: Snowmen, Bon Appetite and Pumpkin Patch … yep, it’s a Creative Paradise (molds) kind of day.  Fingers crossed that I set my… Read More

Prayers & 3 kilns …

I’m staying creatively busy today.  Grandma is in surgery, getting her artificial airway and feeding tube today.  Arrgghhh!  I hate thinking about it – so I’m trying really hard not to … Any louder and my music will be heard in the… Read More

This week in the studio …

So, my flower plate ERUPTED too … Dang it! But, I have a plan for this plate and the failed peacock piece … [drumroll] … spoon rests!!!    To go with the other spoon rests I’ll be cutting from these blanks and future… Read More

Busy ~ but I’m lovin’ it!

What a week!  I’ve been taking serious advantage of insomnia.  I have 3 kilns running, and so much to report … Here’s what I worked on tonight:  Fingers crossed it turns out as promising as I hope! And, I finished my fish… Read More

And it hurt …

After four + decades, I managed to come across something I really wish I hadn’t – Stinging Nettle.  Dang!  I touched it for all of 2 seconds, while pulling weeds, and HOURS later my hand/arm is still bugging me.  After some research,… Read More

No More Sunshine?!? What!!!

So, I don’t have lupus or mixed-connective tissue disease … yet!  Although, my newest doctor tells me that SUNSHINE could cause my ANA to flip.  WTH!?!  Next, someone’s gonna say that Diet Coke or alcohol are bad for you!!!  In the meantime,… Read More