This week in the studio …

So, my flower plate ERUPTED too … Dang it!


But, I have a plan for this plate and the failed peacock piece … [drumroll] … spoon rests!!!  Winking smile  To go with the other spoon rests I’ll be cutting from these blanks and future bowls …


My plate/platter slump run went well.  I like this ‘patch work’ platter.  And, I finally got around to weave slumping those sticks from … 6+ months ago.  I’ll need to do some grinding before it will actually fit together, but – you get the idea.

patchwork-platter     woven-bowl-step-one

I’m kicking around the idea of doing a fall art show.  We’ll see.  (I meet with the surgeon (again) this week, along with my primary) … So, in the meantime, I’m stocking up on ornaments.


Now, it’s time to open up a bottle (or two) of wine and get those darn (computer) work competencies done!

bottles of wine

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