Month: July 2013

Moving along …

I have three kilns running!  Yea BABY!!!  More platters, dichro cabs (with some requested Angels), and a few experiments.  Love it!                And, I’ll have a de-bubble run coming later this week.  Yep, moving along … Slept some 18 out… Read More

Deep Thoughts …*

By  Jack Handey Nurse Ginger:  [AKA WWU.  Let me set the stage a bit first.]  (* DH says this post is hard to follow.  I maintain any nurse or care-provider can follow along …) I have triggers (things that a patient can say… Read More

Moving forward …

Just about running out of ideas to try for Miss Betty Boop.  I thought I had it figured out – a chemical reaction within the powders, but … I don’t think so now.  I think the charred/burnt look is actually the black… Read More

Busy, Busy – Birthday, Birthday

It’s been a busy week:  Monday was … well, MONDAY (‘nuff said!); Tuesday we had early morning wake-up to get to Metro (pups did great! New family in MS and VT) and visited with my grandparents; Today, the Twins turned 16!!!  To… Read More

TGIS … Thank God it’s Sunny!!!

DH and I have been empty-nesters all week, as the twins are at camp.  So – I’ve spent the week in the pool (during the day – in the sunshine).  And played a bit in the studio in the evenings.  Here’s my… Read More

Happy Independence Week …

Yep, I stretched that day out to a whole week!  Family time, play time, and plenty of food!  All while giving thanks for those who [have] provide[d] for my independence … Not much to show from the studio (although, I am sporting… Read More

Tips on proper E.R. etiquette … AKA WWU

Or … how NOT to gross-out or annoy your ER nurse: 1)  This does not (necessarily) need to be show-and-tell time:  Seriously, I will believe you if you tell me you have something unusual about your body fluids.  If you say there… Read More