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T-8 hours

AKA – Dishes are still spinning …  Lil Sis will be home in 8 hours.  She has left Ghana, and is making her way from Amsterdam as I type.  I will be so glad to have her back in Michigan!!! We got… Read More

November 17-24, 2017

Wow, what a week!  We started with Arts & Greens … A special Thank You(!) to all who stopped, shopped and visited with us!!!  We had a great time, despite the torrential pouring of rain that was oozing down the greenhouse wall,… Read More

Welcome 2016 …

A good Christmas, a good New Year’s Eve, and work-weekend one (of 52) down*… I like it!  [* – and that’s all I have to say about Weekend Wrap Up/ER nursing today, while I ruminate and mentally readjust!] Plus … I have… Read More

A minute to relax …

We had our show.  It was great!  A lot of work, but what a wonderful end to our ‘season’!  Here is our 24 foot long ‘booth’ (the only photo I took, as we were still setting up … DOH!) In the meantime,… Read More

Stepping into the light and embracing the day

We lost power on Saturday.  Repair estimate had us getting electricity on Christmas night at 1130pm.  So, I had started to wrap my head around embracing what I would officially call the ‘Dark Christmas’ … I was excited about the prospect of… Read More

Busy, Busy – Birthday, Birthday

It’s been a busy week:  Monday was … well, MONDAY (‘nuff said!); Tuesday we had early morning wake-up to get to Metro (pups did great! New family in MS and VT) and visited with my grandparents; Today, the Twins turned 16!!!  To… Read More

Happy Independence Week …

Yep, I stretched that day out to a whole week!  Family time, play time, and plenty of food!  All while giving thanks for those who [have] provide[d] for my independence … Not much to show from the studio (although, I am sporting… Read More

Happy as … Larry(?)

I’d never heard that particular idiom (link for the origin of this phrase can be found here), but – I’m happy, so go ahead – call me Larry … Great week!  Good food/family time, a bit of sunshine in the pool, lots… Read More

Studio Time, Food and Family …

Had a bit more studio time … so I learned a bit about David Alcala’s glass tapestry (amazing!), and played with flexi-glass … had some troubles getting started (it’s NOT supposed to roll and wrinkle like that), but had more success with… Read More

Ahhh … Friday

Brings about the end of another week … but a good week.  A few things from the studio:  New slumped bottle, “Cocktail”; more boiled blanks – I’m still working out the tweaks, but I like them, while slowly building up to a… Read More