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Still tinkering and cleaning …

I’m playing with a few color combinations for component pieces to use in future pendants.  Some great colors, some … not so much.  We are using stringers that we’re pulling from our vitrigraph kiln.  I love that!   And, I’m putting together a… Read More

Happy as … Larry(?)

I’d never heard that particular idiom (link for the origin of this phrase can be found here), but – I’m happy, so go ahead – call me Larry … Great week!  Good food/family time, a bit of sunshine in the pool, lots… Read More

Decisions, decisions …

Kicking around the idea of playing with web-code again … maybe to add a storefront to my facebook page, or to my website, since I can’t add it to this site.  (Darn drawbacks to wordpress.com, anyway.  If my ramblings [blog] were on… Read More