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Happy Anniversary … again!

This week marks the one year ‘anniversary’ of my blog … Wow!  What a difference a year can bring.  Lots of changes, good times and bad, but overall … Life is Good!  What will the next 365 days bring? WWU (Weekend Wrap… Read More

A houseful of stinkers!

That’s what I have, both the two and four-legged kind!  During our evening romp outside, I thought it might be nice to get some pictures of the dogs … NOPE – no one wanted to cooperate.  Yoda Kei – the biggest stinker… Read More

Domestic Goddess …

Yep – that’s me.  At least today it is … I’ve cleaned the kitchens (both), scrubbed sinks and toilets (and beat the battle with the rust stains and whatever other things were in there???) … scrubbed candle jars (since I want to… Read More

Weekend Update … summer nights

Holy Shnikeys … with the warm weather we had Sunday, the ER was hopping like a summer night!  Multiple broken bones requiring reductions, an electrocution, appendicitis, respiratory failure, centurians (is that what 100 year old’s are called?) with urosepsis, pediatric pneumonias, testicular… Read More


Ahh … peace and quiet.  The fam is all out of the house for a few hours, my chores are done – for the moment … how wonderful!  We had a beautiful day, weather-wise … teaser Michigan weather, which means an ice… Read More

Den update and studio time …

The Neo pups have started in on gruel … and they love it!  Of course, they  have to wear as much as they eat.  And more times then not, they climb right into the bowl, as it apparently tastes better that way! … Read More

News from the Den …

I have such great friends!  In the last week, I’ve been given a ton of bottles!  Now to spend my dog-sitting-duty time soaking labels and scrubbing bottles, in between switching pups and feeding Liv … I think I’ll try quenching glass this week…. Read More

Meanwhile …

Not to be left out of our ‘puppy-nursery-overload’ … Mr. Yoda Kei: Is growing tooth buds, and putting all that ‘kissing’ technique to good use … he is teaching his littermates the joys of ‘gruel’ (puppy formula mixed with can food) …… Read More

It’s tough to be a guy …

Yoda Kei and John both decided they needed a nap this afternoon … cuz, you know … it’s tough to be a guy!    To be fair, Yoda just ate and DH is sick … Meanwhile, in between cooking and cleaning, I… Read More

I’m workin’ on it …

Went to the DARN SANE meeting before the big storm started … [yes – People suck!  Are there any members of my community that aren’t sexually abusing people/beating their kids???]  Now, I’m snuggled in for a long winter’s nap, hot toddy in… Read More