Weekend Update … summer nights

Holy Shnikeys … with the warm weather we had Sunday, the ER was hopping like a summer night!  Multiple broken bones requiring reductions, an electrocution, appendicitis, respiratory failure, centurians (is that what 100 year old’s are called?) with urosepsis, pediatric pneumonias, testicular torsions  … the list was endless, along with the typical GI flu and weekend intoxicants!  I came home  and crashed hard for 13 hours … I need to get in better shape before the summer really hits!

Now it’s 2am and I’m awake for the day.  We’ll be going to the airport again later this morning to get (Neo) pups to their new homes.  Then it’s off to appointments and errands.  I hope to get in the studio by the end of this week …

I’ll leave with a quick pic of Yoda Kei … he’s 3.5 months old now and as sassy as ever …


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