Boys … arrrggghh!

I’m less than thrilled with the majority of the men-folk in my life right now …

Spent several hours in the ER last night, as DH felt like his throat was swelling (after Benadryl and Motrin).  I’m happy to say – all is well with him.  It appears he’s decided to have panic attacks, I guess … While I am glad he’s not sick – it meant I was up for some 30 hours yesterday.  I had the pleasure of watching over him, while he slept (with the aid of Ativan), snoring contently – as ‘we’ waited for test results.

And this evening I discovered my youngest son surfing for porn on the web … While I suppose it’s some sort of ‘rite-of-passage’ in our society today – I’m majorly bummed.  That’s my BABY (he’s my youngest, by 3 minutes) checking out photos of naked women!

I am now locking myself in my studio.  I don’t want to talk to anyone that has testicles …  Where’s my wine?!?


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