Month: March 2011

Weekend wrap up … Giant Moon!

Jeez Louise … if I thought last Sunday was ‘twilight zone’ … the giant moon had us beat hands-down with bizarre this weekend … From panic attacks to traumatic brain injuries to ‘I was just there, but didn’t get my scripts filled,… Read More


Ahh … peace and quiet.  The fam is all out of the house for a few hours, my chores are done – for the moment … how wonderful!  We had a beautiful day, weather-wise … teaser Michigan weather, which means an ice… Read More

(Weekend Wrap Up) I’m old …

What a change from Saturday to Sunday … Saturday’s main event was a life saving enema … Sunday was ‘Armageddon in the ER’ meets ‘Twilight Zone’ – real life saving going on in multiple rooms at the same time combined with all… Read More

Kicking around ideas …

Because – ideas are free … I’m thinking about starting my own site, with domain name and yearly webhosting costs … and of course, new business cards – but not until I decide on whether or not I’ll proceed with my own… Read More

Good news …

The tax man says the kilns can keep kickin’ … YAY!!  I’ll be learning some new business concepts (COGS = cost of goods sold vs. inventory, raw materials and supplies), but I love learning … As long as I get to keep… Read More

Weekend Wrap Up … Show no fear

Or – ‘Utilizing all that I know’ … What to do when you’re surrounded by female, young (yeah – that means the skinny kind!), inexperienced coworkers and you’re staring into the face of a psych patient (I mean the real one –… Read More

Den update and studio time …

The Neo pups have started in on gruel … and they love it!  Of course, they  have to wear as much as they eat.  And more times then not, they climb right into the bowl, as it apparently tastes better that way! … Read More

I’m back …

The to-do list has shrunken to an acceptable level … this means my kilns have been running!  YAY!!  I have a large blank cooling in the production kiln and bottles slumping in the coffin, as I type.  Oh, I like this MUCH… Read More