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Tinkering …

Cuz – I can.  I’m on vacation.  No – we’re not going anywhere.  But I’m taking a much-needed break from (ER) work… We’ve had a beautiful SUN day.  DH shared his plans to build a deck on the pond … My dad… Read More

And, back to reality …

Paradise was … well ~ PARADISE!  A great sun-filled escape!  We arrived back to find our homestead still standing, all two and four-legged family healthy.  So, unpacked – but still sporting a bit of sunshine color, it’s time to get back into… Read More

Ahhh … Paradise!


Settling …

Back into routine after momentarily escaping.  While I didn’t take any good photos in paradise – I did catch this neat one about 20,000 feet above Florida … So now I’ve been returned to my spot in the world, to successfully keep… Read More

Feeling Bummed–but working through it …

Tough ER nursing weekend … I was in in charge (yeah, BAD idea) with lots of summer folks (volume – fortunately NOT acuity – PRAISE JESUS!) … Thank Goodness for some great staff, but I don’t like changing hats that frequently.  Add… Read More

Ahhhh … Paradise!

‘Nuff said … 😉

I’m on VACATION!!!

A working vacation, but still … As I sat yesterday morning, nursing my after-work ‘night-cap’, DH [lovingly] said, “You look tired.”  And it’s true, I was – physically tired.  But mentally, I’ve been creating list upon lists of things I want to get done,… Read More

If anyone had told me …

I would spend 8 (almost 9) DAYS  away from internet, email and smart phones – I would never have believed it … But – that’s exactly what I did.  We just came back from paradise (our tropical retreat) and while we had… Read More

Back to reality ….

We’re home from vacation … gorgeous weather, hot sun, fun times, and great spirits have me feeling relaxed, sun-kissed (or is it jaundice???) and happy.  All went well with our gang while we were away, my folks had a good time, the… Read More

Weekend wrap up … Giant Moon!

Jeez Louise … if I thought last Sunday was ‘twilight zone’ … the giant moon had us beat hands-down with bizarre this weekend … From panic attacks to traumatic brain injuries to ‘I was just there, but didn’t get my scripts filled,… Read More