Back to reality ….

We’re home from vacation … gorgeous weather, hot sun, fun times, and great spirits have me feeling relaxed, sun-kissed (or is it jaundice???) and happy.  All went well with our gang while we were away, my folks had a good time, the kids seemed to have behaved.  (I have a pantry full of King Dons and Twinkies to get rid of – but it’s all good.  I’ll make dentist appointments for the kids!)

We got to know our bartenders fairly well, as we usually do … so we were invited to watch a soccer match.  I’ve never been to a soccer game before, let alone one that has a donkey for a mascot … I thought it was cute, and so I’d share …  Unfortunately, we were bad luck for the bartenders, as they lost the game – go figure.

Our bartenders:


The soccer game;  Keshon and the donkey mascot: 

      soccer     donkey-mascot

What a great time!  Now it’s back to reality – bills to pay, business to do, laundry to catch up on, and work tomorrow.  Hope to have some studio time next week …

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