Settling …

Back into routine after momentarily escaping.  While I didn’t take any good photos in paradise – I did catch this neat one about 20,000 feet above Florida …


So now I’ve been returned to my spot in the world, to successfully keep all sorts of plates spinning in the air.  The plates that are struggling at the moment would be the teenage roommates in my home … They seem to think they’re still on break, with nothing to do but text/watch TV/play videogames while waiting for someone to announce their meal is waiting … Hmm … I’m cutting them some major slack, but we are quickly running out of extra rope around here!

It’s all good!  I had a fun escape, my liver survived the stress test, and I have super cute pups to keep me going.  Here’s a quick pic of Xena, Anvil and Gordy.  Love those squishy faces.


And, I have a pregnant mom that needs me.  In and out of the kitchen, to and from the fridge for special snacks, please.  Oh, and lots of potty breaks – as those four- legged neonates bounce upon her bladder.  We’re about 7 days away from D-day!

When all are sleeping, I escape to the studio … Up next would be a couple of experiments mixed in with another spoon rest or two; I have a few ideas involving mesh melts, along with trying B.Leatherbarrow’s crackle techniques; throw in a few custom cabochon requests, a photo-shoot session or two, and I should have enough to keep me out of trouble.

I’m also trying to master Windows 10 (grrr!), while backing up every piece of data I’ve ever owned.  And I’m back to ER nursing on the weekends … saving lives one ‘cold and flu’ case at a time!

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