Winter Wonderland and New Arrivals …

Makes for a full week!  On Tuesday, DH and I helped our Vet bring nine new pups into the light.  Always so amazing … Now with 3 days under our belt, Blondie and babes are settling into a nice routine of ‘life on the outside’ … and pups are growing BY THE MINUTE!


winter-stormFortunately for us, this was all before Michigan was blasted with some 8-10 inches of snow.  Pretty, but based on the number of car accidents reported … no fun to drive in. 

So, I didn’t make it to my favorite glass supplier this week, which kind of stinks.  With the environmental mess going on in Oregon, fused glass pricing is sky rocketing and availability dwindling … Ouch!  

On a positive note – I will leave with a quick-pic family portrait.  That would be Zeus and Isabella, proud parents of Xena.  Not such a flattering photo of mom, but it’s hard to look glamorous when you have a kid climbing around on your head!  Winking smile


And, since there is no rest for the wicked – I will leave the nursery and studio for  a weekend of ER fun in … T-18 hours… Oh Vay, I mean YAAYY!!!

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