A few nights of studio playtime

screen printable cab requestHad a custom request conversation that has me playing in the studio.  First to make a large ‘hot cab’ and then to add a large-cab-attemptdecal/screen printing area within … So, while it’s not in the requested colors – the first trial is working.  I wish I could fully capture the cool reaction around the vanilla insert, but trust me … it’s awesome and vivid and SWEET! (Talking about the cab on the right … the one on the left was a ‘mash-up’ of hot cab ‘failures’, now in an organic shape – kinda neat!).   And the ‘before’ photo with a couple of other experiments.

Stumbled on a new tutorial, so I had to give it a try.  As it’s my first attempt, I downsized it to a 7 inch bowl.  The backside (lilac) and the front side, enameled with powder and now back in the kiln.  The tutorial creator calls it the sand dollar technique.  Hmm … I like it!  And, I have a few ideas … DOH!

sand-dollar-bowl-backside      sand-dollar-bowl-attempt

Another custom request has me playing with dichro and the psychology symbol, along with a few other trial pieces.  They’ll be cooking in the kiln for round 3.


I’m still behind on photography and spoon rests, but … it’ll happen.  In the meantime, with the “2016 fused glass scare” upon us and brat that I am – I just placed an order for way more glass than I ever should have (as I have NO IDEA where I’m going to store it, let alone the amount of money I spent) … but, you know – ‘desperate times/desperate measures’ … or something like that.  And, in the event of actual permanent loss of certain glass colors, I decided to add another full line of enamels to my collection.  Yep, I am a soon to be proud owner of the Color Line collection.  Doh!  Don’t tell DH! 


And lastly, I’m doing some serious mental deliberation as I consider the pros and cons of joining a brick and mortar art boutique … Oh, I am so tempted and nervous and worried and excited and … DIZZY!  Smile  So, I’ll take a time-out while I go back to my day job work!  Winking smile

Up next:  Cute, squishy-faced puppy pictures, some serious tax preparation, trialing a new recipe or two … and hopefully a bit more studio time.  Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!  See ya on the flip-side (umm, yeah – that means Monday, or sometime later next week – after an ER 12 hour night weekend nursing tour!)! peace

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