As promised – updates …

color-line-enamelsStudio news – My enamels have arrived.  [Yay!!]  And, I’ve been a little productive – a few photographs taken for upcoming shop listings (like the Hot Air Balloon Spoonhotairballoons-spoonrest Rest!).  I also did some overcooking in the kiln (lots of ‘dog-boning’ on this tapestry dish) … but I like it!; Made a few Psychology symbol cabs, only to realize I had the wrong orientation (need diamond shape, not horizontal – DOH!); And, I have a new tapestry piece – currently placed on iridized teal … just might try it and see what we get.  We’ve also made more hot cabs, received a new night light mold, and I might just play with wine bottle lamps … maybe … We’ll see …

overcooking psych-symbol-cap more-tapestry

In between all of that, I have ‘squishy-faced’ love.  The pups have opened their eyes and are opening their ears (- which means lots of yipping, growling, barking, cooing, howling and yapping – quickly followed by a startled jump … “Who goes there?  Who made that noise???”)!   My babies are growing by leaps and bounds, and Momma B is eating, maintaining and healing.  We will introduce the pups to gruel next week, as they will be ready for more ‘sustenance’ – and my ‘mother of 9’ could use a break!

blue-male-2-wks blondepups tawny-2-wks

I’ve done some baking/cooking.  We tried the Pina Colada cake.  I like it warm, but doubt that we will make again.  Then we tried a soup – Sausage, Spinach and White Bean.  Love it – although I didn’t take a home-grown photo of it.  (It’s a crockpot recipe – so easy and good!)   Made a 3 pound meat-loaf, my way! This means no actual recipe – just combining all left-overs from the fridge (like Bush’s beans, Mac-n-cheese, baked potatoes and the rest of a Papa-provided industrial-size bag of potato chips) with onions, spices, sauces and ground sausage, turkey and beef.  Amazing – and the meat loaf sandwiches are sinful!  I hit the gold again – according to my family – with this recipe (Asian Noodle Soup, and my photo), adjusted with home made chicken stock and added mushrooms … YUM!  So, all are well fed in my house this week.


I meet with the ‘brick & mortar boutique’ folks later today.  I’m pretty excited!

My two-legged offspring are gearing up for Senior Spring Break – which equates to lots of hours working at their jobs … (hence the easy-to-reheat meals,) and an upcoming week of quasi-‘empty-nester’ syndrome for the DH and I … Should be interesting …

No weekend-wrap-up ER-nurse stories this week, as I am unwilling to relive the drama.  Suffice it to say that all got good care and I am comfortable knowing how to do my job well.  Also, no tax prep completed – doh!  So it tops the list for next week … Uggghh!

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