Month: February 2016

Winter Wonderland and New Arrivals …

Makes for a full week!  On Tuesday, DH and I helped our Vet bring nine new pups into the light.  Always so amazing … Now with 3 days under our belt, Blondie and babes are settling into a nice routine of ‘life… Read More

Settling …

Back into routine after momentarily escaping.  While I didn’t take any good photos in paradise – I did catch this neat one about 20,000 feet above Florida … So now I’ve been returned to my spot in the world, to successfully keep… Read More

What a week!

And it’s only Wednesday … Oy Vay!  Woke up from my ‘nap’ on Monday to find my main/house computer dying.  So, I spent most of Tuesday trying to fix it, before accepting probable death and sending it off to the repair store… Read More