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Who’s on Second – Third Base! AKA Weekend Wrap Up

Oh My Goodness – I never realized just how true this round-about was!  The old-folks kicked my ARSE, they did this weekend!  So, when a 70+ year old Alzheimer patient tells you they ‘have to pee’ – well, you’re there to help… Read More

My experience with the 3-Week-CRUD …

Holy Cow!  I am coming out the rainbow-unicorn-end of the URI CRUD that has been plaguing my county forEVER!   I have a new appreciation for anyone that has a headache – or any pain – that ibuprofen cannot conquer (or at least… Read More

Exhausted … But – you know, in a good way … (AKA WWU)

The way that a third-shift nurse, mom, MAGICIAN feels when she crosses that marathon work-tour finish line with all pieces successfully juggled/managed.  Sure … at the final 20 minute push-point, it meant maintaining a 1:1 behavior-medicine watch, while acclimating a new team member,… Read More

Busy, busy … Good!

Holiday weekends sure are busy!  But overall good!  I have highlights: We have puppies!  (Of course it meant a long sleepless period … but look at those faces!!!) Momma Izz (Isabella) is doing great, eating and sleeping like a champ and her… Read More

That is how the ER Nurse do …

It’s that time of year again.  Time to take online classes, complete re-certs and attend meetings.  [I’m so glad I am making more wine!]  One such class is the NRP.  A great class, but it has me thinking about all the steps… Read More

(WWU) Because not everyone reads the rule book …

We got to actually save a life this past weekend.  He was much too young and totally didn’t understand that his heart was NOT supposed to do THAT!  But it’s all good now, and our team did what was needed.  Pretty cool… Read More

Almost human … AKA ‘I got sick’– i.e. GINGER VIRUS

WWU: I got sick – at work.  For a minute there, I thought maybe DH was trying to take advantage of my food allergies (umm, poison me! – But ya know, my life insurance policy stinks, and I’m not quite THAT paranoid);… Read More

Supermoon (AKA WWU)

There she is – acting like a BEACON, calling ALL WHO WOULD LISTEN to the ER this weekend!!! The good news … one GIANT Supermoon – AND(!) one weekend closer-to-retirement.   Oh … and … I did good for my patients; no… Read More

Perspective …

WWU:  Point taken, Oh-Great-One!  I live and work in a podunk, rural community.  I take that for granted.  The fact that, as an ER nurse in my ‘lil county – we don’t often see or care for ‘SICK’ kids.  The ones that… Read More

Happiness–it’s all relative

WWU:  A study in contrasts.  All I can say is this – I had the pleasure of caring for “Satan’s Bride” (NO amount of pillow fluffing was satisfactory) AND the stoic “Farmer’s Wife” [… Sure – I’m SICK, but I’m not dead… Read More