Happiness–it’s all relative

WWU:  A study in contrasts.  All I can say is this – I had the pleasure of caring for “Satan’s Bride” (NO amount of pillow fluffing was satisfactory) AND the stoic “Farmer’s Wife” [… Sure – I’m SICK, but I’m not dead yet – so, it must be okay (in other words – this patient is very difficult to gather pertinent information and verbally assess)] this weekend … Oh Vay!  Where is the happy medium???

Studio News … I used some of my insomnia-time to scour the ‘net for bits and pieces of information regarding images-in-glass techniques to try … baby steps!  And then I played for a bit.  Here’s my ‘frit envelope’ from the last post, after firing.  I like the possibilities … I don’t know if I’ll make cabs from this, I think I like it as a sun-catcher type thing:

envelope-post-fire     as-suncatcher

But, then I decided to play with cab-visualization … it’s a very technical set-up!  Smile


Anyway – I might just like these …???


So, now I have ‘frit envelope II’ in the kiln.  Then, I made a few penguin ornaments and did next-level-grinding on the dichro cabs.  All while listening to the ‘Pitch Perfect’ sound track on perpetual repeat (an effective DH deterrent … Winking smile)… Happiness!

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