Uh oh … It’s starting again!

Spent some time reading glassist C.Morgan’s blog … besides loving her art, I appreciate her sense of humor.  So, now … she has me intrigued  with glass casting (absolutely love her statue ‘Shout’ – check it out!).  Oh, soooo much to learn, supplies and equipment to gather … Uh Oh!

I also found a bit more on my [dream] goal of capturing images in glass (liquid light and Fuji emulsion film) … which means I have more research to do.  Or, I could just start saving vacation days and money to attend a class on the west coast … Hmmm?!?  Somehow I don’t think DH, the kids OR my pups will go for that …

Anyway – back to Morganica.  She has a tute on her site that I played with tonight:  Making frit ‘envelopes’ for cabs.  Here’s my first attempt.  Time to see what the kiln does for it:

frit-envelope   frit-envelope-pre-fire

And, I worked a bit on my latest batch of dichro cabs … I like these:

red-wing-double-dichro    nurse-cabfrog-prince   double-dichro-flowers

Meanwhile, DH is happy.  He’s got a new project going, one that will let him use his new toy – the car hoist.  He’s purchased a beat up ‘63 Monterey convertible to rebuild/repair.  Personally, I think it’s hideously UGLY!   If you want a boat – by a boat … But, whatever – he’s happy.  (He just told me – the thing is 17 feet long … Good Lord!)

63 monteray convertible

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