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A quick experiment …

I learned a new technique on Sunday, so – I had to drop everything to give it a try.  I painted enamel on glass separator (thinfire), embossed it, stuck it on a piece of painted clear glass (capped with clear) and fired… Read More

The possibilities … Oh my!

I became a little obsessed today.  I know, I know … What’s new?!?  It actually started several months ago when I saw a picture posted on FB.  One that had been altered via photo-editing software.  Today, I tracked that app down; figured… Read More

WWU … My Poor Baby!

My youngest daughter came to visit me at work this weekend.  Not exactly in a manner I would have hoped for … but I was able to help care for her AND be her Mom.  She got hurt at her job*.  Multiple… Read More

Some things that I learned this week …

Krampus … Wowzer!  Who knew (?!?)  And yet, I feel I should have … Those German’s sure knew how to keep their kids in line.  None of THEIR nursery rhymes/fairy tales have a (watered-down, politically correct, Americanized) base/foundation in anything that WE were raised with… Read More

Happy as … Larry(?)

I’d never heard that particular idiom (link for the origin of this phrase can be found here), but – I’m happy, so go ahead – call me Larry … Great week!  Good food/family time, a bit of sunshine in the pool, lots… Read More

Uh oh … It’s starting again!

Spent some time reading glassist C.Morgan’s blog … besides loving her art, I appreciate her sense of humor.  So, now … she has me intrigued  with glass casting (absolutely love her statue ‘Shout’ – check it out!).  Oh, soooo much to learn,… Read More