A quick experiment …

I learned a new technique on Sunday, so – I had to drop everything to give it a try.  I painted enamel on glass separator (thinfire), embossed it, stuck it on a piece of painted clear glass (capped with clear) and fired that bugger.  It definitely has some possibilities. (Pre-fire and fired.)

inkblot-texture-star     embossed-star

It did remind me that Glassline paint alone on clear glass isn’t beautiful with light coming through it (the green area).  And, while the green is Glassline’s bubble paint … it doesn’t do the ‘bubble thing’ nearly as much as UGC’s bubble line …

We also tried the painted thinfire face up (paper punched fleur-de-lys), and just capped with glass (L=white, R=clear glass.  It has some interesting possibilities too, as it retains some of the paint while the paper fires out … Hmmm …


And, lastly – we capped a punched out painted fleur-de-lis between clear and colored glass … I still have this large piece of painted thinfire to play with – but want to ruminate on some ideas first.  Oh, and get ready for our show in T-12 days …

fleur-tile    texture-inkblot-trial

Back to work!

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