29 … and holding?

Happy Birthday to me!  I’d say I had a great 17th anniversary of my 29th birthday, but …

It started out perfect.  Playing in the studio with the Mongrels and Gustifer, working on bowls and ornaments, followed by a dinner with the family at our traditional restaurant.  [My adult kids, BTW … all beautiful, healthy, smart … and so very different in personalities, interests and career paths.  A true joy to sit back and ‘take in’ …]  And that’s where the great day took a detour … I have food allergies, so I’m typically super cautious when I do choose to eat out.  Well … not tonight.  I didn’t bother to check and double check with the waiter and cook staff.  Eight hours after dinner and I’m starting to feel human again …


So, I’m test driving ‘46 years of age’ now … back in my studio … at 3 am.  Hmm, I like it.

I’ll leave with a quick pic of my ornaments waiting to fire.  I had a request for a Pug ornament, so – my interpretation; reindeer fun; and a wedding couple.  Next up, more grinder time minus any more food mishaps … and a few hours of ER nursing fun.


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