Frit play …

20151030_220504_resized_1What once started as an ‘oops’ project is now being trialed intentionally … a bright peacock spoon rest:

And platters: Snowmen, Bon Appetite and Pumpkin Patch … yep, it’s a Creative Paradise (molds) kind of day.  Fingers crossed that I set my program right!


Update … Success:  Love ‘em!  Just waiting for the kiln to cool enough to touch!


I’ve also been making kumi bracelets: Queen of Hearts (special request) and ‘Frozen’:


And – I got a couple of batches of wine started.  December is going to be a GOOD month!

cherry-wine   watermelon-wine

Next up – a few more ornaments and platters … But first, a date with my grinder [that’s code for ruining my manicure],  I have lots of glass to shape.

inland grinder

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