Why Directions (STILL) Don’t Apply to Me …

Not sure … I’m getting over being sick?  Or, maybe I’m actually MALE – and I just don’t know it??  It’s certainly not because I’m too smart, cuz I STILL evil-queenhaven’t learned my lesson!

Exhibit A – my Evil Queen spoon rest:  Looks good – ready for firing.  To be clear, the powder wafer sheet adhesive comes with instructions … and they’re quite specific , actually.  But I went ahead and fired that girl like I knew what I was about …

Soooo … I now have a splotchy, disease-ridden E.Q.   I’d say it works for her (being Evil, and all) … but it just doesn’t.  It’s ugly and uncool.  Grrr …

ugly-evil-queen    devit-and-reaction

Lesson learned?  Maybe … I hope …

Directions-in-hand, I marched over to my kiln, and loaded Grumpy Cat … Time will tell in, ummm … ‘T-86 hours’ … It’s a long, long firing program.  [Fingers crossed!!!]


Meanwhile, my GusGus (the Guster Buster!) is doing great, gaining weight and Too Darn Cute! Smile   As his fur becomes HAIR, he is currently sporting a very wild-man hair-do … And, DH is trying to call him Gizmo!) 


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